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Thank you for a word of faith and patience. Your idea for a phone tree is great. The912project.org is working on several projects and a national phone tree may be among them. They already have a Ventrillo system in place for people to meet. With more organization comes more power. The anger that's continuing to build is powerful energy when it's channeled. Thanks for the faith reminder and here's to the beginning of a national phone/email tree. As Beck said in his Thursday night comedy tour from Kansas City, 7 women with wagons collected enough lead from a broken British statue to make 48,000 musket balls during the Revolutionary War. It's time to roll the wagons!

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There is no double standard. We are at war for our country. Appeasement does not work and Republicans who use it are only concerned about their own jobs and reelections, not our country. Democrats derailed Bork. We need Republicans who will stand up for our country and ask the tough racial questions of an arrogant admitted racist. Her job is NOT to make policy and empathy is NOT a Supreme Court job requirement. We need to stop this nomination. If the Republicans don't, we will have one more activist judge legislating from the bench for Obama to aid and abet his march to tyranny.

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Obama is making sure that there will be more and more of this happening. He does not care about the safety or security of America or Americans. I think his bow to the Saudi King revealed his true feelings about Islam. Obama is bringing Gitmo terrorists to US prisons where they can convert inmates. When they are freed, and they will be freed (corrupt criminal rights attorneys will see to that) they'll be living in a town near you where they can organize much more effective domestic terror and kill many more Americans. Our taxpayer money will have paid for all of it. Obama also wants to bring Sharia law to the US for the quickly growing moslem population. That means moslems can kill pretty much anyone they want and have no consequences under Sharia law because Allah told them to. Obama knows exactly what he's dong and it has nothing to do with what's good for America. We are in extreme danger.

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Thank you Mr. Cheney! Finally, someone stood up and spoke for me and the America I love against Obama with intelligence, conviction and courage. Cheney cares about America. Obama cares about Obama. Cheney made tough decisions to keep America safe for 8 years. Obama promotes Obama. Obama doesn't lead because his true agenda has nothing to do with the safety or well being of America. He and his homeboy Chicago gangsters care about one thing only, power. Power is Obama's drug of choice and no amount of stagecraft, speechwriting or teleprompting can hide the truth. Obama is a liar. He has no integrity. His actions don't match his words. The corrupt media lied to get him elected but even they can't maintain the fantasy that Obama cares about America. Thank you Mr. Cheney. The Tea Party is growing!

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These men are Prisoners of War and should not be tried in American criminal court at any time for any reason! Hussein and Holder are purposely endangering American lives. I believe Hussein is working to destroy America. His actions in the last 100 days are proof of his socialist plan, but I think he is even more sinister. He supports transnational law. Is he trying to bring Sharia law to America? A Democratic Germany elected Hitler and now America has Hussein, Chicago gangster style tyranny.

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I agree. We are under attack. Obama's PC Thought Police are committed to verbal genocide. Anyone they perceive as a threat is attacked. Obama wants complete control. Germany elected Hitler. America elected Obama. Like Germany, the current state of American journalism, academia, entertainment and comedy is evidence of the decay and corruption of a culture. In the last 8 years, American journalism has died and been replaced by media malfeasance, American academia has plummeted to new lows in educational indoctrination and sabotage, American entertainment has become mind numbing, spirit killing cultural sludge, and American comedy has devolved into assassination. The people of Germany denied the truth until it was too late. I say NO to Obama's PC Thought Police. Not in my country. This is America and it will not happen here!

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Pelosi has been a liar for a long time. Now she's been irrefutably caught in a very public lie. Her usefulness to the Democrats may diminish as her public credibility recedes. Obama needs someone who can lie for him with impunity in order to pass his odious socialist agenda. The Republicans want her removed as Speaker and even though they themselves don't have the votes now, miracles happen. Every lie she's caught in helps to bring her removal closer. Thank you again Fox News for helping bring us the truth.

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IT'S TIME TO MARCH ON WASHINGTON! Obama's had 100 days to do a lot of damage with the help of his Pravda presscorps. Panetta's dismantling the CIA, greatly increasing the chances of Americans dying abroad and at home. Napolitano's working hard to keep the borders open, deny border violence, sacrifice border patrol personnel and target vets and tea parties, again increasing the chances of Americans dying. Geithner's nationalizing banks, car companies and anything else he can. Obama plans to tax all energy, socialize medicine, and nationalize education which means national indoctrination for all of our children. Obama also has plans to create his own private national civilian police force. This is the American version of the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany. How much damage does he get to do BEFORE WE STAND UP? We don't have 4 years to wait. We don't have 2 years. MARCH ON WASHINGTON JULY 4!

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AsIsNow, I agree. Among others, thenational912project.org is one site that is trying to push for more focus and action. Running for local office, even a 912 party, is their emphasis. Obama has done such damage in 100 days that we can't wait 4 years. We may not have 2 years. We do have to get focused on the next elections. The energy of the tea parties is simmering, but it needs a coordinated objective and a national stage. Obama wants to be universally adored and unimpeded on his march to socialism. He does notice criticism. It would be harder for him and his Pravda press to ignore a Washington Mall full of Tea Party protesters.

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THE FREE PRESS IS DEAD IN AMERICA. This was an American Pravda event, a perfectly orchestrated, perfectly choreographed Obama White House performance. Obama, the maestro, produced this propaganda showcase with teleprompter artistry followed by a chorus of Pravda reporter props who were properly obsequious. The free press in America has been replaced (with a few exceptions) by the sniveling, sycophantic, elitist, parasites that were worshipping at the Obama alter tonight. Orwell's Squealer would be proud.