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Will King Odumba the Dog Eater also interject himself into the presidency of James Buchanan; the original "first gay president"?

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The fact that this country has enough stupid people to elect fraud like the Kenyan doesn't surprise me a bit. After all, the "admitted drug abuser" quality is what made him such a hit and rock star with the stupid and ill-informed youth; especially those in 'da hood.

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Only 5 years? Treason is a capitlal offense and "Fast & Furious" was blatant treason; conspiring to usurp the Constitution.
If not a rope or firing squad, a life sentence with Bawney Fwank as his cell mate might be acceptable. Naw! On second thought, he might enjoy it!

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Soros is directly responsible for foisting his evil spawn, Barack Hussein Obama, on a nation that was both desperate and naive as well as woefully uninformed and self-absorbed. He saw in Obama an actuary who had the ability and diabolical determination to finally destroy the US economy, and along with it the American way of life from within; clearing the decks and setting the stage for the NWO takeover of the global economy. The USA has always been a stumbling block to the NWO's grand design which got started in 1946 with the Bilderberg society using the post war proliferation of communist and socialist governments. They knew these systems would eventually collapse under their own weight and they would patiently wait to scoop up the spoils. Soros main contribution to Obama's 2008 election was as the mastermind behind the massive overseas anonymous credit card campaign donations.

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This evil, greedy Hungarian bastard is probably po'd because he's unable to destroy the Euro like he did the British pound and make billions in the process. His given name is Georgi Schwartz, a Jew whose family changed their names to prevent the Nazis from shipping them off to the concentration camps. As a teenager, Soros collaborated with the German and Hungarian Nazis by serving as a prison camp guard and assisting in the Jewish persecution. Merkel should order his arrest and try him as a war criminal.

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Sounds like you are on the verge of connecting all the dots concerning the regime's views of the American people. The Kenyan and his criminal cabal are outwardly condescending toward the people. Privately, however, they are highly suspicious and paranoid about what could happen if the majority of us ever paid attention long enough to realize what kind of diabolical plans they are in the process of implementing before they can complete them. This is why Obummer desperately wants "4 more years" to "finish" the work he's started. Four more will probably be enough to "fundamentally change" this country; but if it isn't, he will find a way to skirt the Constitution and declare himself "dictator" or "supreme leader" or something along these lines.
It should be plain as day by his actions that not only does Obummer have little use for the Constitution; deep down he loathes it and views it as the biggest impediment to his agenda.

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In 1781, the French Admiral, Compte DeGrasse, landed several French infantry and artillery regiments in support of Gen. Washington's siege of British Gen. Lord Cornwallis' Yorktown stronghold. After landing his ground forces, DeGrasse engaged the Royal Navy vessels on the James river that were aiding and supplying Cornwallis' land forces. He then led his warships in a sustained, systematic naval bombardment of the British defensive positions; softening them up in preparation of Gen. Washington's and French Maj.Gen. Marquis de Lafayette's final ground assault that led to British capitulation and Cornwallis' unconditional surrender. This was the final major land battle of the Revolutionary War resulting in independence for the fledgling United States of America.
This was a combined, coordinated allied operation between the Americans and the French. So there was indeed a prior allied amphibious operation involving French forces conducted on US soil.
Now isn't that just funny?

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The Kenyan and Janet Incompetano are sending a subliminal message to all those "domestic terrorists" and "militia and paramilitary" members that any attempt to stand up for the Constitution and against the regime will be crushed. Trouble is, these clowns assume that they have the total support of the military. The military are comprised of many of those they accuse of being "domestic terrorists". I wonder if, while studying his lessons on Marxism, young Barry read much about czar Nicholas II's "loyal" winter palace guard who turned on him and delivered him to the reds?
Holder is scared he'll be tried for treason for "Fast & Furious". His firing squad should be comprised of 7 Mexican cartel members using "F & F" weapons, lead by a big name drug lord and witnessed by Brian Terry's family.

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Exactly. Harken back to this time in 2008 or 2009. Then most people would have thought if you had even suggested something along these lines could ever occur, you would have been sent to be fitted for a tin foil hat. Now it's more like "what nasty surprise are we in store for next?". Just look at "Fast and Furious"; the deliberate, diabolical plot to undermine the 2nd amendment forsaking the oaths they took to "uphold and defend".

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Imagine if this took place a few months from now -
Obama, October 30, 2012, 10:05 am EDT: "There will be no need to hold a general election at the federal level as long as the economy continues to show sustained, robust growth. It is imperative that I remain in office to insure that the bustling recovery continues."