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Rye or GTFO.

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I love how the right always tries to somehow co-opt wildly successful/iconic liberals like Warren Buffet and I'm not sure whether that indicates absolutely no sense of irony or too much of one.

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Yeah, but she's one of those Hollyweird homosessual loving freaks. Damn class traitor.

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So many pearls, so few hands with which to clutch them.

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Seriously. The right wing has taken the Victorian view of women being superior beings who are (or should be) basically asexual and have the onus of not tempting beastly men, and mixed it with pseudoscientific biological determinism where of course all men think about all day is SEX SEX SEX (without understanding any of the subtleties) so really, can ya blame 'em, ladies? Just cover up.

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I think you got his name wrong. His name is Clancy "muthaf*ckin" Brown.

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Peen-top is the new side-boob.

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I, for one, ensorse reenacting that scene at any opportunity, contextual or no.

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Teddy Roosevelt? The environmentalist? That RINO?

Granted, Roosevelt's conservationism pretty much amounted to shooting rare animals, stuffing them and showing them off, but still. Just as cap and trade is now "cap and tax," the fact that he displayed some reverence for the environment means he's now to the left of Marx and Engels. That, and the fact that he was an effete New Yorker who spoke Chinese with the Chinese ambassador.

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Really? I'm supposed to take the screeds of David Mamet seriously? Really? The guy whose every single play (with few exceptions, eg Boston Marriage) involves some beleagured schmo screaming at a woman who has supposedly ruined his life? Really? David Mamet, aka the slightly more talented and thoughtful version of Neil Labute? I'm supposed to take him seriously? Really?