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How is Arizona being called for Romney when no precincts have reported yet?

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Interesting. Ron Paul suggests this very thing and you people call him "crazy". Perhaps it wouldn't hurt if you took a second look at his other proposed policies as well.

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Neocon is "anti-Semitic code"? Are you sure it's Ron Paul who needs the tin foil hat?

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Excellent post. I don't know about you but I'm writing in Paul in November.

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I thought 2012 was the time to "fix" the GOP? Why are conservative so content to just accept being herded like sheep? "Look guys, we need to focus on beating Obama, even if it means with a flip flopper like Romney, and then, THEN, 2016, we're gonna show 'em!". And the same thing will be repeated in 2016, 2020, and so on.

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I'll support whatever nominee runs against Obama and then we will set to fixing the GOP.

You will be saying these same words in 2016, except just replace Obama with whatever Democrat is running that year.

But hey, just do what talk radio is telling you to do: Bend over and take it for just this one last election, and then, next election, we'll REALLY show 'em!

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But surely you must be joking! Breitbart just gave his rousing speech for conservative unity at CPAC! He wants to ensure that all candidates are given fair treatment! He must be hard at work this very minute, making sure the truth is brought out. [/sarcasm]

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Some Maine communities have yet to hold their caucuses, though party leaders say they don’t plan to count those votes.

Unbelievable. I've heard that those were caucuses that Paul was expected to blow everyone out of the water. And isn't this with 80% of caucuses reporting? With the race this close you would think that there would be more questions being asked about why everyone is so quick to call it for Romney, especially since not everyone has been counted. I guess not.

Makes no difference to me though. I'm writing in Paul in November. For the rest of you, your candidate has already been chosen for you. Why even bother voting or thinking for that matter? Just keep the system running smoothly and everything will be alright. Enjoy four more years of Obama.

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You want "conservative unity", Andrew? Then you should start by making your site a bit more Paul-friendly, and telling your friends in Conservative Land to follow suit. Since that won't happen (and in fact, you probably did irreparable harm by joining the media freak show in calling Ron Paul a racist), you can pretty much forget about our vote this year, unless Paul is the winner. How many times have I seen it mentioned on this site (not necessarily by the bloggers themselves) that we Paul supporters need to just take our candidate and leave, since we just screw up the Republican process anyway? We've been called racists, brownshirts, Nazis, terrorists, "Paultards" and any other name you can think of, by conservatives. I seem to remember a few years ago when a certain movement was being called names like that by the Democrats and the media.

Besides, we all know what will happen. You will attempt to play nice with us to get us to hold our noses yet again for another big government "conservative" candidate, and once the election is over and Obama is kicked out of office, you'll kick us out the back door along with him. You don't care about "unity", you only want us for our votes.

Sorry, but I'm not convinced about this talk about "conservative unity".

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Ron Paul isn't a racist either, but Andrew Breitbart sure was quick to join the media frenzy to try to paint him as one. Where were the articles like this when all that was going on?