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In our society we do not deal with mental health issues. We ignore them or make treatment unaffordable. We think people are "weak" when they struggle in pain. There is no understanding or any system of support that reaches out to help the suffering. We are a society entrenched in blame and punishment and that is what we pay for. So until we become a compassionate society committed to understanding and healing we will always have these kinds of incidences.

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I am glad that Native Americans have a viable source of income and have been able to organize to survive. Good for them that they got this whole thing going. I just wish now that they would work on forgiving white people from the past. I have to think in order to move forward in true success you have to accept the life as it is now. There are a lot of injured peoples in this world, they aren't the only ones who lost their culture and identity due to insensitive dominating groups.

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A Cirque du Soleil wanna be?

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I love 711! I love the slurpees, the fun stuff, the great customer service. Growing up worked there. LOVE IT.

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my imagination can't stretch this whole scenario out so it makes sense. I would have to see the victim.

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Poor kid. Never underestimate the capabilities of a 3 year old to get into stuff.

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So you abduct a child just to abuse him and not give him an education? What? Why would you abduct a child if you didn't want to raise it?

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yup yup yup yup. Hill people....

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such sanctimonious responses: work hard. Duh. I know college students who are working two jobs and going to school. I know college students who have solid degrees and still can't find decent paying jobs.Colleges charge you on your balance, they charge you a fee to process your payment if you use a card of any kind. They are larcenous and only care about funding sports. Sports may pay a lot but athletes are out to pasture in their 30's. They usually don't finish their degrees if they are recruited. The intelligent people in this society, doctors, scientists, researchers get paid peanuts are always scrambling for money. If they get funding its so they can skew results for big pharma. So all you "work hard" people, look around: your waiter probably has his B.A, B.S, or Masters.

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We should reeducate the elementary school kids again. They used to show movies on what not to touch when you were a kid. Guess we need to reintroduce that. Man school is tough these days.