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Ms. Palin has her head on straight! What a great piece! I hope she continues to spread her knowledge and win some opinions. Thanks for sharing about it!

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thank you for the welcome. I'm curious from the above discussion- what is step 2 and do we have a plan to implement? I'm willing to protest the government in place right now. They aren't doing a good job. In the normal business world when you do that you get fired. I do want to think out what we're doing so we get the best bang for the effort. So, we'll all go register independent or whatever's available in each of the states... what next? Think of the mass public that wants to be led and lead them.

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bump to the front page- you need to be visible!

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part 3- I don't know of another major world power that exterminates itself- do you?

Children are indeed crucial to our survival. If you want to be blunt about it- we must procreate and teach our children the truth and then let them do the same in their time. Marriage and family are crucial to American way of life. With that said- I believe that is what is under attack- the American way of Life. We have acheived so much and don't recognize it is being threatened! My children are learning words (and meanings behind them) these days like socialism, facism, concentration camps.... So, when the government comes to my children's school and starts telling them to report their parents behaviors they'll recognize what's going on. They can't fight what they don't know.

You said you wanted input- I think you have it from several people.
We all want to know your out of the box view, please share.

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part 2- Has anyone considered that BO wants to reduce a certain population in America? Those that lean to the easy way out and are enabled by his permissions, will then lean to his politics.

I think abortion is a very big issue- the American population is allowing itself to be whiddled into minority status. We are dulled into considering abortion "normal" by society's standards. Is there anything normal about it??? Good gracious no!!! These days it's just a simple Dr appointment you have in your list of things to do today.

Do you remember the song from the 80's that had the line- "we are the children , we are the future" Well, we are erasing our future with every abortion performed.

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For the record- I am a woman and mother of twins. I am of child bearing years and have lost a child due to medical causes beyond my control. I was actually offered an abortion by the insurance company and refused it. I could NEVER make the choice on when my child last lives. That choice is God's to make and he made it and I'm at peace with that.

I view abortion as systematic genocide. It's little different than the extermination tactics the Nazis used on Jews. Abortion is killing an entire generation of potential inventors, thinkers, teachers... who knows maybe the best President we could have had was one of those children murdered before he came into the world.