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Did Breitbart send Riley an invite for his party tonight? I hope you get tons of pics of the homocons.

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This must be that new humor the kids are doing nowadays. Kids and their humor always on my lawn.

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I would, but only if they had paid for it in advance.

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I think we have a good job candidate for the Wonkett. Pay him in hobo beans, whore diamonds, and Riley and he'll be all good.

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I don't want to pick up a shirt. Can't it be sent via the computerized Electonic-Mail to me? I have a little slot in the computer where it can be Ejected.

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Easy: Mama Grizzly. I was wondering which of the backup dancers was Beninca-I mean Michele Bachman(nnn).

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I watched Hamas Babies growing up. It was a cute animated sequel to the Hamas Show. They were always blowing each other up on that show....and singing.

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They are right! Democrats have been the ones to screw black people. Like that librul Democratic president Nixon and his Southern Strategy in 1968 ensuring 14 years of Democratic rule! Moar truth please, singing man!

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How did Wonkette get eated by Meg McCabe's website? Nothing against her, but she's no Campbell Brown.