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I thinks its god punishing perkasa for stupidity. In my small brain it make sense as since they keep saying stupid things god is punishing them. Go for it god.

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Selling god is a tax free business. Why are we not all doing it?

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Mysonongy rules in this state. Females in Malaysia from the Sultan down mean nothing. WHat a backward country. Allow an incompetent male rule so that the electors wishes are ignored because she is female. Thank god England never had a women in charge as prime minister or as as queen. Might make the men look stupid.

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Where does democracy start here in this state?

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I am an aussie guy and I am astonished how quickly and in the past 5 years this country is descending in to free for all racial hatred. Back in Australia so many of these comments would have been brought to court not for political reasons, but because its against the law, regardless of race or religion. Time to wake up Malaysia and if you want evidence I am happy to provide it. No society is perfect but ones that turn the blind eye, become totally blind.

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To Australia's defence, it's fortunate that this is how business is done in Asia and usually a company has to pay third party people so that bribes wets the hands of those in power to get the contracts hence all the projects in Malaysia get blown out by Millions and Billions in the Port Klang project. It was fortunate that a brave Australian stuck his head out and reported to the Australian Federal police and anti corruption agencies, only be ignored and fobbed off. Eventually he got his story back on the Australian Broadcasting Commission ona program called 4corners ( in 2010) and the story broke. Since then the whole thing has been in the too hard basket because it also includes big fish in Australia like people from the Reserve Bank of Australia who took a blind eye to the illegal activities. Our current government is a national disgrace and its appeasement to corrupt foreign rulers is incomprehensible and a disgrace. Please watch the story on the abc before it get wiped out for national security but I am sure you will find it on youtube if you want to hear the truth.

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Why do we feel compelled to protect the crooks in these governments including Australia. Malaysia taxpayers pay for that Rm 11 million bribe. Its about time some of these crooks face justice, knowing the non independent judiciary, they will off with a technicality as usual. Apart from Anwar, has any UMNO person been found guilty of corruption?

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Karpal was one of the biggest losses to PRK. God rest his soul for what he accomplished for us.

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We need to print 1 million car stickers "1 man, 1 Vote."

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Time to start the Malaysia United Party and replace the coalition of parties. It's time for Malaysia to have a party devoid of race and religion and to work with the whole of its population. It's time to give youth the opportunity to let their hard work, skills and intellect shine rather than religion (not race) based policies that keep this country slipping backwards in international education standings.