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I love how Mark picks up on the (fairly unusual for YA) lack of a kid-world/adult-world dichotomy in this series RIGHT AWAY.

(General series spoilers) Vg'f nofbyhgryl bar bs zl snibevgr guvatf nobhg LJ — naq V'z cnencuenfvat na byq cbfg V znqr ba ghzoye urer, fbeel — ohg gur snpg gung gurer ner jbexvat, urnygul eryngvbafuvcf orgjrra grraf naq nqhygf va guvf frevrf vf ORNHGVSHY gb zr. Gur snpg gung "nfxvat sbe uryc" qbrfa'g pbafgvghgr na vzcyvrq "nqhygf ner orggre guna lbh"? Jurer "lbh shpxrq hc guvf gvzr" qbrfa'g pbafgvghgr na vzcyvrq "xvqf ner vapbzcrgrag"? ORNHGVSHY. Gurer'f erfcrpg naq erny ubarfgl naq pbzzhavpngvba orgjrra gurfr xvqf naq gurve zragbef. V PNAABG JNVG GVYY JR TRG GB GBZ NAQ PNEY, L'NYY.

The healthy adult-child and parent-child interactions in these books — such as the ones Mark pointed out in this chapter — are so healing for me to read, in part because my life lacked a lot of those interactions growing up.

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This book series helped carry me through schoolyard bullying and ostracism, through childhood depression and mental illness, and through a tough home life growing up. It's shaped my whole worldview in innumerable ways, and it means a lot to be able to share it now with not just Mark but the community on here.

The last time I came out of my shell to comment was when Mark watched Band of Brothers, but I expect I'll be significantly more active from here on out....

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(I knew Mark was gonna start Band of Brothers, but hadn't realized it would be so soon! BELATEDLY EXCITED. bless.)

The first time I watched this episode, I was . . . twelve? thirteen? and I was convinced that this was as intense as things could possibly get. dry laughter. Va ergebfcrpg, V'z tynq gung ng gur gvzr, V qrpvqrq gb fgbc jngpuvat frireny rcvfbqrf va; gurer jnf ab jnl V'q'ir orra noyr gb unaqyr fbzr bs gur yngre zngrevny gura, cnegvphyneyl rcvfbqr avar.

I do get hopelessly emotional about this show, and I'm hoping I'll manage to locate my copy in time to catch up and refresh so I can participate in discussion instead of just continuing to lurk.

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oh, also? SASSY ANIMALS. this series has sassy animals, sassy plants, sassy aliens, and various sassy inanimate objects.

and the main antagonist is, hands down, my favorite antagonist in anything i've ever read or watched.

(also, not sure if this was mentioned before, but one of the main protagonists is a POC as well as several of the supporting characters. there's also some really, REALLY great exploration of family dynamics and trust between siblings as well as between parents and children.)

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IS IT HOPE OR IS IT BREAD. i'm pretty sure it's bread, guys.

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I gotta say, Scar's character design is FANTASTIC and I really love seeing art of him.

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thanks for the fic link, too! i just read it and it was glorious.

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If you could (successfully!) resurrect one character who died over the course of the series, who would it be?

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(tysm for sharing all this art, omg.)