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Terrific article and heartening comments but her call to arms

¨The citizens of the world should oppose this unipolarity.¨

Come on Cait you can do better than that !!

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It´s been a while but this writer is back spreading his anti USSR propaganda again. He is just another under cover agent for capitalism as was George Orwell, both extremely talented writers but essentially tools of the Oligarchy and the Free world.... Hedges was working for the NYT as a bureau chief at one stage of his 18 years service to his oligarch masters and fitted in very nicely it takes a lifetime of dedication to the working class to qualify as a revolutionary not quoting Hannah Arendt or Trotsky

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Daniel above ...dont stop go on and on...Tulsi Gabbard is THE ONLY hope for sanity in the USA...her stand against the corporate war machine is nothing short of divine madness

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Another indisputably brilliant piece from this gifted writer and philosopher but it would have been enhanced had he have given even a small mention to the ONE person in the US who is actually doing something practical about fighting the horror of the US corporate war machine ...Tulsi Gabbard even if destined to fail will have done more to expose the rotten hubris of the exceptional nation ( other than the execrable Trump albeit inadvertently) than any other politician....and if she fails then we can confidently look forward to the vicious rule of the Iron Heel of Fascism

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Just to remind people in 1961 the US state Dept observed that Fidel Castro had the overwhelming support of the Cuban People and there was no likelihood of that changing therefore the only way for the US to combat the Cuban Revolution was to isolate and blockade the Island in every possible way in order to make the lives of ordinary people so miserable that they would eventually give up...
The same bastards are still doing it to this very day and whats more traveling to this remarkable Island as an American one faces fines and threats...The US Deep State has been getting away with literally murder for 60 years whoever the president might have been...Obamas futile attempt to lift the blockade has long gone

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How much longer can this guy CONTINUE to ignore Tulsi Gabbard?

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I saw somewhere perhaps on George Galloway's excellent YouTube program The mother of all talk Shows...that post coup Ukraine was the biggest donator to the Clinton Foundation out side of Saudi Arabia and that Joe Biden visited Ukraine 13 times during his vice presidency...Can any one provide factual information ?...If true and George usually is, this would expose the Democratic Party unequivocally as totally corrupt. Tulsi´s charge that Hillary Clinton was the queen of corruption has been conveniently sidelined

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Hey dad I just landed a 50,000 dollar a month job in the Ukraine with no experience ...
This writer at least got one thing right Biden is a dufus

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What happened to the previous last paragraph about Hunter saying ^¨just got a job that pays 50 thou a month and no experience necessary¨ and not mentioning it to his dad???

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Some people are hard to please ..., Tulsi Gabbard... stands out like a beacon in this wasteland of corruption . She¨s got it all. The veteran , the anti war stance, the anti 1% control of the media and the political parties , the anti MIC message , she has integrity, honesty, a level head charisma, a spiritual quality and is hated by the Clinton machine ...