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Another convincing article from this writer about the corrupt Empire..There is only one person in the US government standing for president who will take on ALL these concerns . I am talking about the inspirational Tulsi Gabbard.check her out on Youtube ....TAKE NO NOTICE of the trolls and detractors who will try and stop this brave true patriotic Vet and experienced congresswoman JUDGE for yourself...She is the last hope for sanity in the US

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The one person who can stop all this madness and defeat Trump is Tulsi Gabbard check her out on youtube

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Judge for yourself whether Tulsi Gabbard is the best hope for the USA and people everywhere .... I am confident you will agree no matter what your particular beef is since this inspiring intelligent caring brave and beautiful human being has your back ...I urge you to watch his link and then do everything in your power to support her come what may

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the people above trying to smear Tulsi Gabbard are playing the same game as the MSM ...I urge all of you who are truly seeking peace and who want to see the con=mplete reversal of US foreign and domestic policies to JUDGE for your selves ...Tulsi is the only genuine presidential candidate worthy of our support...

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I urge every one of you who read this article and are feeling down hearted and have never heard of Tulsi Gabbard the congresswoman from Hawii the one person standing for president who understands the urgency of stopping this madness to go to youtube and watch everything you can find on this truly inspiring woman who in my opinion can save the US and the world from almost certain destruction////this is no exaggeration !!. Start with her baptism of fire on a CNN townhall broadcast look up ..95% of Americans will like this Tulsi Gabbard CNN.....or simply search Tulsi Gabbard

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The stastitics used are dodgy to say the least . the 3000 pedafiles revealed by the Church is just the tip of a very large iceberg. A person having those leanings would join the pedafile club with relish. No risk ,no work. house and house keeper supplied , no tax , no risk of getting fired...This Pope is a party to the whole rotten edifice sheltering Pell in theVatican for years. How come the Church has thousands of millions of dollars to give away anyway?...another tip of a gigantic almost incalcuable cash iceberg

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.....A good article except w t f ...and I quote
" Because even if Maduro did steal the election"
even to support an argument sheer carelessness, why give an iota of credence to this US propaganda...Maduro won a legitimate fair election ask Jimmy Carter

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Last week this author quoted Solzenetzin in an effort to prove his thesis ..CIA .Sol wanted to Nuke Vietnam amongst other things; this week he vilifies China without offering one iota of proof ...should we be sceptical ?

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Spot on <softechsteve> above...Maduro has been scrupulously fair with these murdering a fault!

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Thank you Tom / ICH for bringing us this important piece. John Pilger tells it exactly as it is although he doesn't go far enough in my opinion. Can any one seriously doubt that the bought and paid for agents/scumbags running Americas corporate state didn't kill President Chavez? It's a documented fact openly admitted and boasted about by the Miami Cuban terrorist Luis Posada Carriles (google this murderer) that they tried to kill Fidel Castro hundreds of times so why not Chavez.his friend and disciple.This CIA agent and murderer proudly admitted on Miami TV to blowing up a Cuban Airliner killing 76 people onboard over Barbados and was CIA protected , allowed to "ëscape" after being nominally charged and imprisoned and returned to the US where he was regarded as a hero. Fidel was seen as a threat to the US monied class and the Cuban people have been paying a terrible price for the past 60 years for standing up to the Empire just as we are now seeing in Venezuela.. Chavez was an even bigger threat to the US rulers than Fidel because he had Oil money and lots of it and as well was an electrifying orator able to unify almost all of Latin America and strut the international stage fast becoming the charismatic leader of opposition to US plans to dominate the world. He brought the UN General Assembly to laughter in a speech claiming he could smell the burning sulphur fumes left by the devil George W the previous speaker
In 1974 the CIA had the ability to induce cancer in people they perceived as enemies (see The Church Senate Committee at that time) and 28 years later imagine for yourselves how sophisticated that program has become.Chavez was in their hands during the unsuccessful coup attempt of 2002
None of this will be told you by the "whores and presstitutes" of the MSM who are openly siding and promoting the coup attempt in Venezuela . You enlightened people reading this must see how important it is to support ICH...donate if you agree.