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It´s probable that Andre Vltchek our deeply lamented war correspondent and journalist extraordinaire comrade was ¨seen¨off´¨ by Erdogan before he could unpack his Turkey a few weeks ago.....

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If you can bring yourself just one more time to participate in the farce please vote for the slow train to Auschwitz...because Trump has charted an express ...

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Its ALL true but even if your vote is not worth a can of beans please utilize it and persuade others to give it just one more chance THIS TIME just to wipe the smile off this dangerous buffoons face ...Dishonest corrupt Biden may be able to be pressured in to doing the right thing by the many progressives challenging the Democratic Party elite but make no mistake Trump and his thugs will literally CRUSH all hope in an unimaginable blood bath ...VOTE because as never before .your life could depend on it ..They know where you live and who your friends are even your collar size for the rope.. this is no joke...

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This whole article is of ¨little consequence¨ ...the fact is China given peace and good will from the ruling western 1% who have now brought most of us to soon to be ruination will bring about a new world in which we can all live in harmony...the solution to all the problems we face is simple .... co operate with the Chinese and bring the New Silk Road to every country on Earth.The Chinese Government has stated it wants to bring about a mutually advantageous utopian society where "from each according to his ability , to each according to their needs " is the mantra...Of course Im a dreamer and have been most of my life only lucky I didnt land up dead like Andre and Chavez and Allende and millions of others brothers and sisters all ...... ...

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By using novichoc the Russians might just as well have left a note in Cyrillic saying
¨ I did it,
Ps Turn off the gas

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With at least 31 up to 50 million already indebted unemployed and millions unable to pay their rent or mortgagees facing eviction how on earth can anyone talk about a recovery . In order to survive Capitalism needs consumers and with the frightening prospect of massive poverty and instability for at least another 10 years ( The Great Depression ) NO ONE is going to spend their meagre life support savings buying "stuff "

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LEFT? What left is this writer talking about ?...There is no left in the US just a few pockets of resistance waiting to be picked off by the surveillance state apparatus Obama killed what there was of a peace movement and dissalusioned millions by his betrayal...saying one side is as bad as the other is a concious cop out....

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Am so sick of reading this guys anti soviet propaganda ..reading his articles one waits for the inevitable slur...Hedges supported with a vengeance the phoney criminal US-NATO war on former mostly socialist Yugoslavia and is a sworn enemy of China ...why listen to him

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Sadly Andre Vltchek died under suspicious circumstances before he could report on Erdogans latest US/Support manouvre

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great article from one of the worlds greatest journalists ....John has been a fearless fighter against injustice where ever it surfaced which is mostly everywhere greedy bastards have their snouts in the trough as in the USA and its friends particularly Australia ...a minor gripe ... whats with the meaningless Hannah Arrendt quote ? ...she was arguably a CIA operative beloved by cold war warriors.. ..