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I chose the exact same paragraph which appears in the first comment to copy and send off to people I know blithely eating their free range eggs thinking that's sufficient .Always look forward to reading Paul Edwards.'s sort of like the TLS crypticcrossword deeply satisfying when you work it out

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while I admire the author's efforts to highlight the problems we undoubtably face he does himself and our cause harm by quoting the Organ Harvesting Falong gong CIA dis information article . The main author of this Pentagon lie is a memeber of a think tank whose supporters are listed here...draw your own conclusions
wikipedia source
In 2011, ThinkProgress, a progressive advocacy organization, published FDD's Form 990 documents[32] that revealed where FDD funding came from, from 2001 to 2004. Donors included:[31]

Roland Arnall: $1,802,000
Edgar M. and Charles Bronfman: $1,050,000
Michael Steinhardt: $850,000
Abramson Family Foundation (of Leonard Abramson): $822,523
Bernard Marcus: $600,000
Lewis Ranieri: $350,000

Paul Singer and Sheldon Adelson are also major donors

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Intellectual and theologion is an oxymoron

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This new system for commenting isn't working. Not enough people take the trouble to register and thus are unable to read the comments . A better idea in my opinion is to have an 'editor' who has the say in what gets published . Since Tom has a P.O.V and most of us subscribe to it then I would be happy to accept his judgement...

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In order to get people to understand the truly incredible advances being made in China in the interests of almost a quarter of the worlds ordinary citizens as opposed to the West's 0.005% Fred has to temper his article with absurd cold war propaganda which perhaps as an American he actually believes ...but I think not. The future, if there is to be one, will be a socialist world and whether that word frightens you or not that is the system China practices and is fine tuning their stated policy aims from the last Congress...America could be a part of the New Silk Road initiative which will benefit everybody and the environment and perhaps save humanity ...but what are the chances of that happening when even on these enlightened pages one has to tread lightly?

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Am I mistaken or is the author identified as a man suggesting he was asked to marry his male friend ?

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I admire this writers zeal in unearthing all these pertinent links but find his solutions totally ineffectual. The fact is that Corporations will never give up their desire to maximise profit and any CEO who tries to suggest alternatives will last about as much time as it takes to say " clear your desk and vacate the building".The Corporations and their shareholders represent trillions of dollars and control everything .The only way we can hope for this to change is for a socialist revolution where by all these entities are nationalised and become subject to control. Clearly in the Western world history shows this is never going to be allowed to happen and "clear your desk before we kill you " will be the non-nutmeat sandwich response: see how long Jeremy Corbyn lasts if he gets elected... If the US economy nose dives and chaos rules then there is a realistic possibility that the Chinese plan "the new silk road" wil come to fruition worldwide . It's already huge and practical and can succeed . What stands in the way is Capitalism , its wars and the strong likelyhood that an ecological calamity will occur before it and we get a chance. . All else is a pipedream

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Lets not get sidetracked. The real enemy of mankind is the .005 % of which probably .001 % are the 'chosen'. They all deserve to be relegated to the dustbin of history and with any luck the Chinese written in stone plan for a socialist world .might do just that .Few Tibetans today unless in the pay of the CIA would object to the overthrow of the disease ridden theocratic poverty ridden former part of China they once had to subsist in. One day given luck the Western world will not mourn the passing of capitalism.

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Interesting and quite fascinating article from Fred which sheds some albeit limited light on the incredible things happening in China.
If one can be tolerant of classical Chinese opera ( a big ask!! ) and Fred’s cruel reference to “mothers in law” and “brutal dictatorship” one can feel confident that the huge advances the CCP is achieving in raising living standards for its 1200 million people also go hand in hand with environmental planning.When they make the inevitable break through of long term storage of alternate energy and phase out fossil fuel then humanity has a real chance of survival and a bright future via The New Silk Road. The main obstacle to all this is the US / Israel/UK /NATO axis sowing violent discord through its war dependent economy. This one article alone together with other positive China commentators lessens the feelings of hopelessness one gets from reading the MSM in particular The Guardian and makes my annual $USD 100 subscription to ICH worth the pain …

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She must have been blowing smoke and not directiing it at my orifice writing this "me too" tripe .Lets all join hands and pray for world peace while we're at it..... .