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No she doesn't - She gets up to Northern Scotland as often as she can. I don't blame her !

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My wife and I used to enjoy going to London for a mini holiday or a long weekend break. We stopped going about 3 years ago mainly because it has become a Third World cesspit. There are far better places to visit to avoid the ethnic diversity of the Capital. We hate curry and kebabs and any form of imported enrichment. We feel robbed - dispossessed of our culture and our capital. Our politicians have become tyrants who I now despise. London ? the LibLabCon are welcome to it !

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I agree Gary. If BNP supporters can use a modicum of decent English grammar, it will set us apart from the ignorant UAF and LibLabCon morons. It's more important than most people think. The decline in English education needs reversing and the Liberal twerps who allow children to leave school in a semi literate state have a lot to explain ! Teachers take note !

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I think that several high ranking cabinet ministers should attend this meeting including the Home Secretary, and definitely Mr Cameron. Also, the Media should attend and interview these "Government Worthies" outside afterwards just to set their policies straight before the British Public. I want to hear them say there will never be any form of parallel governance in Great Britain and that the Cailphate Clan have just wasted three or four hours of their valuable time. Think this will happen ? No, nor do I.

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MANDLESON - Why talk about Mandy and not Cameron in this clip ? Because I predict that when Camoron gets into Nr 10, his first policy decision will be to employ Mandleson into his office as a cabinet "advisor ". That's right, Herr Mandleson, the political architect of the 4th Reich, - the Albert Speer of British politics. You think it's fantasy ? Just you wait and see.

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What's the bet that Mr Trevor Philips's next cushy number will be a soft seat in the House of Lords. Qualifications are - Colour (tick), Success in Office being nil (thick), Anti-white Philosopy? (tick), Ethnicity (tick), Pals in High Office ? (tick), Marxist ? (tick), Common Purpose Student ? (tick), Sexual Orientation ? (Don't know but we'll assume it's a tick), Financial Probity Suspect ? (tick). Yep ! Its all there.

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Being the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, and acceping there is a shortfall in employees and directors, I would have thought ther'ed be hundreds of indiginous white Brits queing up for interviews. Oh silly me ! Wrong colour, and all the bruvvers an' sussters, aunties an oncles of current EHRC employees already have jobs elsewhere - 'got to wait til they're redundant before giving THEM a priority interview !! You've never known real anti white racism and corruption until you go through EHRC's books. The Auditors MUST bring in the Met, and I mean White Officers to dispel any accusations of favouritism or closing a blind eye !

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The next logical step is for the alledged criminal to be offered investigating officers of his own ethnic group to avoid accusations of unfair bias. Then, if one is not available, guess what ? Case dismissed !

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Did these officers, who didn't relish being photographed also remove their ID numbers to avoid identification ? Seems a common practice nowadays.

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Mr Protectionist - A very interesting take on the scam of global warming. Thanks.