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Love you all. I will miss this place.

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Sorry, I was not clear. We need to eat 3 lbs more than we eat now. The average American eats 36 lbs. a year while the average person in France eats 57 lbs.

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I wanted to put this in the LR yesterday but the original article was behind a paywall. There is a cheese glut right now so it is our duty as Americans to eat more cheese. About 3 lbs. a year per person to be exact.

Ann Althouse did a post about it so I'll share that today. http://althouse.blogspot.com/2016/05/america-cant...

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Best Christmas album ever!

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horses are also mostly the size of dogs right

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I have had a rough week. Mostly it is because my mom died in February and now my sister is helping my dad by selling my mom's things on Facebook. We did already go through her things and I took what I wanted, but seeing all this stuff, that reminds me of my mom, being sold is giving me all kinds of feels. And now the Toast is leaving. Blerg!

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I'm really going to miss you all. :(
Thanks for a great 3 years.

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Just popping in to remind everyone that tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! You can find a store near you here: http://www.freecomicbookday.com/Home/1/1/27/992

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Luckily the cat food is upstairs away from our food. I have not seen any moths since the great eradication over the weekend. Fingers crossed.

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We just had pantry moths in the cat's food and they would fly out at me every time I opened the container. We finally had to give up on that batch of food and just throw it all away with the moths. It took quite a bit of running around and killing them all to end the infestation. At least the cat helped with the moth killing.