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I think that it is great for the atheist troops to gather with other atheists just to hang out together and show each other support. Why the military is so opposed to this as a way of building camaraderie I am boggled. I don't think that there will ever be a cessation of the "no atheists in foxholes" thing, because it is based on the idea that religion provides comfort in fearful situations. And religion needs that to survive (even though it is a false comfort.)

I am really proud of Sgt Griffith for all the work he has done to put this together and for sticking with it against all odds. If we have to have a military, I want more like him in uniform!

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I thought they tasted a little funny.

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With Newt, I don't think he "believes" this as much as he "believes it sells well." Newt has historically twisted with the wind when it comes to politics.

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I have called myself an apatheist in response to people trying to lay the "Pascal's Wager" thingy on my. If god does exist, then I don't see it's relevance to my life.

I am a very active atheist, but I get really bored with people trying to prove to me why I should believe in god; and don't participate in those sorts of arguments with people. I would rather talk about the effects of religion when it comes up.

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I cannot fathom why there are no such enquiries in the United States. Perhaps it is because the Congress is too busy trying to make sure that Obama is not re-elected in 2012.

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Yeah! Vjack! And, and concerts and festivals where you actually get to meet musicians are fucking bullshit, man, when you can just stay at home and watch videos and not get all dirty by pushing up against people, Filthy fuckers.

No, I would never want to meet anyone in person who shares my attitudes and values and are entertaining speakers, because that would be like bowing down to them.

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I think that the main difference between the Book of Mormon and the Bible is that the Bible has had more and better editing for style. I mean, how many times did Smith have to write "And it came to pass?" And so many "And the angel said, 'look at what I show to you and you will see the things that I am showing you. And I looked at what the angel showed to me and I saw the things he wanted me to see...."

Christ, or Moroni, on a crapstick, it is the worst scripture I have ever read.

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Asking someone to your room for coffee is not creepy. Asking someone who has not engaged in any sort of flirtatious behavior prior to getting into a confined space at 4 am when there are few people likely to hear her call for help if you do go and commit sexual violence is something that can really cause a woman to feel uncomfortable whatever your intentions should be.

I am surprised at the number of people who are willing to give the guy the "benefit of the doubt" by signalling to Watson that she was wrong to feel creeped out.

No, wait, I am not. Sometimes decent behavior is a matter of common sense surprisingly lacking.

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I didn't watch it until just recently, and I did enjoy it. There have been better films in its genre, and it lacked depth of course because as we all know, depth can be boring.

What i have been doing is reading Mark Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court," and the things that he has to say about religion in that book tell a great deal about why we need to shed religion in order to progress. Religion is in opposition to progress for the large part.

Twain is damning of slavery in this book, and the social castes. But even here, in this book Twain claims that there must be some religion at least, and The Boss plans to introduce Protestantism in order to dilute the power of the Roman Catholic Church.

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What "Personnel" attacks? Just curious. Did you not write what he excerpted? Real Americans want to know.