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This program was exactly what the country needed too bad that corruption and greed got the better of it, the scenario to pay criminals to "get ah food " is no different to URP ,DEWD, etc etc, seems no ministerial appointee or government of the day is prepared to confront and defeat the criminal element, is it because they provide votes or financial backing when election time comes around? When dealing
with a serpent one has to remove the head to kill it. I would like to know when the Government will be taking action against the real Big Fish, it's necessary or we will continue to see crime, corruption and the delinquency growing. There are certain big "businessmen " involved in the trade. This Life Sport program, was funding street level criminals we need to deal with the real problem.

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Well well well, that's really rich! Cadiz is really a sweet heart eh? He doh want to embarrass the man and he family! A crime was committed and he wants it swept under the rug. We wonder why things are like the way it is in this country?

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If the government and in particular the ministry of National Security does not form a real plan soon, CRAPO smoke we pipe! I have said already we need a proper plan to attack crime, with the involvement of various hot spot communities. Every high risk area needs to have police posts set up, community policing daily 24/7, Education in academia for drop outs who are in that position through economic hardships or trade schools training, kids need guidance especially from low income neighborhoods, securing borders with the illicit gun and drug trade is another priority, a gun amnesty to have what's out there handed in with some sort of trade incentive to individuals who hand them in. At the same time that's being done FIRM stiffer penalties for those held with guns and ammunition thereafter. NO BAIL, mandatory jail sentence for example, if the Government does not implement these changes URGENTLY.we are in for continued massacres in this country!

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Oh gorm I C, leave the lady alone! Jackie gave her a bligh!

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guilty says the court its the perogative of TSTT to decide or not to sponsor however its a Govt controlled agency which makes it imperative to pull support given the serious issue of his conviction, Hopefully Machel sees the error of his ways and after sentencing he is given a second chance we all make mistakes and shouldnt be condemned for life once dues are paid

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Dear Marguerite you should have dialed the police right there and then ! Having lost many through negligent driving by others over the last few years I clearly support your comments / sentiments here! I think you should NOT have held back or edited the number plate either Shame them into being responsible perhaps or at least the family will know when they see their loved ones making headlines as a statistic they will know why!

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These revelations are not new! I have posted before on them, the issue of "theft" can be bandied about however the LEGISLATION was not in place nor still does NOT exist to have had a successful prosecution of ALL those involved I repeat again where are the Laws to prohibit such actions? As it stands the DPP is working with principles and moral vs the LAW ! Clico Energy was "sold" for a song to a Bajan registered company for a song! Hint to DPP investigate where the funds came from for the "sale" and investigate further who holds shares in the Bajan outfit!

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Anyone wonders IF these Books are audited? Mr Shat disburses as he sees fit? This is tax payers funds!

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They are going down!

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Sorry to say but mark this down and know Guaranteed! NOTHING will come of this! There were and still NO laws stopping them from doing what they did its something the Minister/ Govt needs to address URGENTLY as to not have this occur in future! Just like Wall Street and various banks state side that were deemed to be too big to fail inspite of terrible irregularities the same applies here the resources used to wastefully try to find culpability is better used towards REGULATIONS!