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Thank you so much, Kim. You and Dixie and others have been so kind to think of me during all of this. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Congratulations on the wedding of your grandson! I hope your trip was fun and your travels uneventful.

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Heather is amazing and you're right...she doesn't have an easy task. I know you've been through the rounds with your husband as of late. Heather has been so good to me as she always is. She worries a little more than I'd like her to, but she's coping wonderfully and I appreciate her more than anyone in the world right now. (Of course that's always the case...but especially now.) :)

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Thanks so much, Holly. You're far too optimistic about my purposes but I appreciate your optimism. I'll try not to disappoint. :) I appreciate the thoughts and prayers. I have no doubt that prayer makes a difference for me and my family!

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Backstabbers, indeed! Yes, you can watch all 2 hours and 21 minutes by visiting their YouTube channel. That might be the best it gets for me this time around in terms of attending their concert. When I lamented to Heather about it this morning she replied, "Didn't you just go to their concert last night?" as she eyed the laptop I watched it on. I had my headphones on and told her last night when I was watching it that it was almost like being there! I take that back now.


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Only 1/2 hour after I posted this I received an email from U2.com announcing the second leg of the North America Tour. I was disappointed to see that U2 is skipping SLC this time around! Our best bet at this point would be Anaheim or Denver. :(


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Yep, you're right! Griffin and Sami both wondered why I didn't bring the caterpillar home for them. Especially since they had instructed me to bring any small animals that I saw home for them.

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The link you provided is broken. Here is the link to the Tribune article: Ethics inquiry costs taxpayers nearly $90K

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I'm using IntenseDebate comments on my blog and one thing I miss (for the sake of my users) is the WYSIWYG editor. For a system that completely takes over comments you'd think it would have a WYSIWYG editor. Does anyone know if this is going to change?

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Well, I made it through the day without any sleep. I didn't even fall asleep during the Hall of Fame dinner at La Caille! It was a good dinner and I was glad that they actually served us this year. Last year they had it setup buffet style which was fine, but being served made it feel a little fancier.

I installed the IntenseDebate plugin for WordPress today. Let me know if you like it. You can now rate and track comments on this blog and with an account on IntenseDebate you could even track a user's comments across all blogs, at least the ones that use IntenseDebate. Hopefully this type of feature will catch on. One problem I'm noticing already is that this plugin conflicts with my inline comment editor and spellchecker. Thank goodness for the Google Toolbar.