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Often times people say, Why do you run Halolz? Is it the fame? The fortune? The women?

No. It's comments like these.

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Hey, seizures are a real epidemic. Let's not make light of that.

Oh wait I posted this video nevermind carry on.

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Shawn yelled at me for posting this since the server move hasn't happened yet, so no votes or comments on this post will be recorded once we've moved over.

Today your votes and comments really, truly don't matter.

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I agree with this sentiment on many levels.

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Down the road, yes. That's actually very specifically what it means.

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I figure this isn't newspost worthy, but let me explain the downtime in a comment:

On December 19th I flew to San Antonio TX to find a new place to live, as well as spend time with family. I had christmas, then a convention, then the day I flew back, I got very, very sick. I got healthy a day ago, and posted this. On Monday, a moving truck comes and picks up all my stuff, and moves it to my new apartment in San Antonio, which I'll be flying back to on January 20th.

You haven't been forgotten, the Falcon Blessed ones. I just haven't had time. Soon. So very soon.

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Starbomb is such an amazing album. Every song is about dicks, but you won't be disappointed.