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Simon, editing IS used as a political weapon these days and perhaps always was. When you understand the power of editors and the machines they use, mostly an editing tool called AVID, we only need look at question time, as the editor there had the final say on what went out, it brings BNPTV into focus as a great tool for getting the truth and realism of the UK political landscape out there to the people who matter.

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Good song Tancred, says it all for me. How 'Bout You?

569 weeks ago @ Simon Darby - GLA Business · 0 replies · +1 points muslims are what?......................our best buddies? Give me a break mate this is getting a little patronising to my patriotic downtrodden ears.

It doesn't matter, or make any difference apportioning 'blame' this country is over run with colonisers, how it happened and who did it is immaterial now, we have a job to do, it begins with westminster, for sure, but it definitely doesn't end there, that's simply the a start!!

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Just a word of caution Simon. Watch your back mate as the words false sense of security.spring to mind, or spider and fly!

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Totally agree my feeling exactly. 100% well said.

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That birds a nutter!!!!!!

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I had the BBC vetting department on the phone today questioning me about my request to join the audience on Thursday. Whilst very polite, the female voice requested to know if I was a card carrying member of the BNP and what I thought of the BNP. I said the BNP are the only future for this country full stop. She then asked me my religion and where my nearest BNP group was? When asked how this was relevant she changed the subject and asked what recent media story I knew of I said Gordon Browns investigation by Poilice around theft of public money. She said she had a number of other people to call and would get back to me. I doubt you need to save a seat on the helicpoter for me Simon but for God sake book the it for Nick.

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1,999,999 is more than a million! I despair at what the muslim world must think of us English, can't spell, can't count, what next?Re-education???

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Appaling reprobate!!!

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This is yet another sign that we, meaning all nationalists, need to take this country back...........................Pronto!!!!