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Thank you Patrick Murphy for forcing the city to clarify that they plan to raise our utilities AT LEAST 30% with their municipality attempt. NO THANK YOU city council.

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Another liberal that has no clue what it takes to protect America from those who truly want to do us harm. Eric Holder, since he was in office, has made it his agenda to discredit those involved in protecting us. He ran into a wall when his beloved Democrats signed off on this plan then later claimed innocence of their knowledge and approval of the plan. Mark Uterus' swan song after being voted out of office was to try to go after those who protected us with the release of this senate report in which NO CIA participants were actually interviewed. Shame.

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How nice. Since the city has been building basically the Ritz for the homeless at the downtown library that there will be a safe place to go with children where they won't be horrified or subjected to drunk, aggressive panhandlers while trying to experience the library.

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Mark Uterus is a tool grasping for relevance after his ousting. Airing our dirty laundry does nothing but aid our enemies even thought the liberals feel righteous about doing so.While this was not our finest hour. Politically trying to extort an edge on this is poor form and will harm America in the long run.

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Trying to blame an "evil" landlord on being $50,000 in arrears is poor form. I am sorry for their plight but perhaps they need to look in the mirror and evaluate their business practices.

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These entitled trust fund protestors are pawns for the desired narrative the liberals trying to push on America.The "Gentle Giant", Michael Brown had a long juvenile arrest history that was never mentioned in reporting, Eric Garner, the loose cigarette seller, had 30 prior arrests. Perhaps preaching respect for law enforcement or not resisting arrest should be their Meme. There are consequences to not following the law. Blaming law enforcement for trying to do their job is not the answer.

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Colorado was inundated by Bloomberg and his money trying to sway gun laws. You'll remember that many of those politicians were run out of office in recall elections. Hickenlooper was in on selling Bloomberg's agenda as well. The Politically Correct crowd will do anything to push their desired agenda despite what many Coloradan's want.

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My son always told me there were psycho girls at CU. I took that with a grain of salt until the girl duck taped the dog to the fridge a few years ago. I think he was right, they are among us.

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Cry me a river. Methinks Alan Cipriani would not have the same reaction if his choice of candidate won. The reality is that low information voters are looking for their entitlements(Obamaphones, welfare,etc). The Democrats rally them when needed for their cause. The makers rose up against the takers and the Democrats are stunned.

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Walker Stapleton, Colorado treasurer, has been speaking about these unfunded pensions for a while. He has been sounding the warning that the money is not there to cover them in the future. School funding will go to cover pensions, not to students and classrooms if the situation is not addressed soon.