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"Ramsubhag drove after consuming alcohol exceeding the prescribed limit by 66 microgrammes.

Police allege that Ramsubhag had a reading of 101 microgrammes. The legal limit is 35 microgrammes."

What do they mean by "prescribed limit"? What does that have to do with anything if the legal limit is 35 microgrammes?

PC Sookhai - thank you for maintaining your integrity and holding this fool to account for his dotishness. Your actions have shown that T&T has good police officers who follow protocol. Job well done sir!

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wegopickup - why does Mr. Maraj have to choose a camp? I do not agree with all the UNC policies and stance, and I do not agree with all the PNM policies and stance. Nothing wrong with being on the fence. Why do we have to choose one side or the other? TT Political Culture has been a breeding ground of sycophants. Keep the uneducated in the dark and feed them rum & roti, give them a t-shirt, pave in front their house, feed them the nastiest of picong one could muster against their opponents, insinuate that we should hate them and they can never do anything good for the country, get the best foreign singers at the final rally, etc. etc. etc. PNM feels that T&T is theirs alone and nobody dare vote or speak out against them or their GOD, Dr. Eric Williams. A couple token members and they are "a party of unity". PP's ethnic makeup is much better, but they behave like crab in a barrel and blatantly lie and take Trinbagonians for fools. Corruption is horrendous on both sides. Race is the issue - we never voted on the grounds of what is best for T&T. This "dem vs we" mentality is a cancer and needs to be eradicated. I think its best to stay on the fence and call it as you see it. I do not promise nobody my vote. I take my time in the voting booth and I place my X beside who I feel who will best guide the country into the next 5 years. I encourage others to do the same...

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What utter nonsense! What needs to happen in hotspots is proper community centres run by social workers, counsellors, and professionals to educate people. Put competent Police who are sensitive to the needs and frustrations of the community. Put competent people in Customs to check every container and sieze any that may contain contraband. Hold big fish and expose them. Thugs in d ghetto are fed by the big fish. Crime will only decrease once the drug situation is brought under control and everyone involved are made to answer. Once drugs are out of the picture, T&T would get back nice...

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(I can't believe I am saying this...) Thank You Capt. Griffith...

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...typical town

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Express, you really need to proofread what you put in your paper before you send it to publish...typo's can totally change the meaning of a sentence. It is clear that the title of this letter should be read "Perm secs serve with impunity".

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I have probaby said this hundreds of times - PUT SNR SUPT JOHNNY ABRAHAM AS CoP!!!!

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This entire school system is was devised by the British to victimize and keep people down. The British even abandoned this style of education. How come Canadian & American style school systems are able to produce such a great number of the worlds best intellectuals? It has never failed them. When are we going to shake off the shackles of Colonialism? Wait for more children to be stigmatized, marginalized and railroaded at a young age into menial jobs before they have time to blossom intellectually? The pressure is too great for families. I seriously do not see any difference between SEA and Common Entrance - same pressure, different format.

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lewwe see if dis flying squad really exist...

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people really dislike the idea of self-control and self-discipline? Lack of self-control & self-discipline is the reason why T&T is d way it is...