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If the shooter is an illegal from "Mehico", expect the TV newsmedia to ignore it & blame guns.

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Yes, we need more ships (and stupid US soldiers) to destroy even more of anyone that doesn't genuflect to Israel.

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The term "Taliban leaders" is as questionable & vague as the term "homegrown terrorist" is here in the US when used against us.
Let us be very cautious of lables by this government since they will abuse them when they eventually try to apply them to us...

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No, it is the US that ust be careful when insulting one of the largest borrowers of our treasuries.
Moreover, the Chinese have the ability right now to level a hundred US cities with ICBM nukes.
Oh, so you think they need us to sell their junk to? Not any longer, the EU is now a bigger buyer of Chinese products than the US.

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Don't be so stupid Scott, we could reduce our military by 50% if we got out of everyone's country & removed that devious parasite known as Israel from our lawmaking & pentagon that gets us embroiled in their wars that benefit them alone.

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Right, and that candidate must allow Israeli arms to be forced up their rectum (like Palin) in order to be the private sock puppet of Tel Aviv.

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Sure, as if Romney won't continue with the exact same policies of wars, bigger government and enslavement to Israel.

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He has ties to newspapers? Who cares? Why don't we see stories about him and "his ties" to being an Israeli citizen while supposedly serving in the US government or as a mayor?
To which nation do these people have an allegiance?
Shouldn't we be asking this?

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This is so disturbing on many levels.
One cannot be sure that these women aren't wailing in order to avoid "suspicion of not being in sufficient grief" over the death of the dear leader (who was just a F****** tyrant)