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Nah, as a life long Californian, I can tell you that a 5.9 would send me under my desk.

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I was in 3rd grade, in Reseda (where the epicenter was) during Northridge. As a result my heart stops anytime a big truck shakes my office building in LA. Basically, 5.9 would get my attention. Although I work with an office with transplants and they looked at me like I was insane when we had a 5.3 quake and I went under my desk. They headed for the door. <shakes head>

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I actually thought they were watching Kate Middleton step out of the car.

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I just went through a bottle of wine, during the debate. Then, I promised (on paper) to move to Boston if she wins, and I hate Boston. So please, vote for Jerry Brown. I'm a lifelong Californian, I will die in the heat.