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6 years ago @ Daily - Max R. Weller: Done wi... · 0 replies · +2 points

How about getting a job, Max? Oh, right. You won't.

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The wingnut-o-sphere freak out level has been elevated to Defcon 1.

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Me thinks Kimmy is about to cash in big time on this. Go to jail for "religious freedom" and become a martyr for the Christian Conservatives.. While there, have someone open a GoFundMe page so that other fundies will support her religious "convictions." Get released from jail, collect the GoFundMe bounty which will be well over $1-million (see:Indiana Pizza Parlor owners), become a star on the Fox News/700 Club circuit, write a book about her heroic struggle against government overreach and religious freedom, go on a speaking tour, followed by a book tour, then retire with a fat bank roll. Praise Jesus!

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What a great win. After all he's been through this win has to be very gratifying.

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See a lot of cyclists doing 50 -65 mph do you? Interesting. Tell us more.

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So fun watching the little guys pull it out. Now, revenge on Pearland!

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I love this place. For more than 20-years, I've been riding up Sunshine/Fourmile/Switzerland and always have to stop there for a treat. Nice, friendly people and good baked goods. What's not to love?

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Trolling the Daily Camera comments on a Friday night, huh? My, what a rich, full life you have.

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With my $50 donation I got a free "The Devil Made Me Do It" tote bag and a "Baby Partz" T-shirt.

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Twisting reality to match the RWNJ narrative is SOP for V_Caine who views all media as liberally-biased except for totally sane, not a lying shirtweasel Alex Jones and the totally sane, not lying shirtweasels at Breitbart.
Your "proof" will have no bearing on his reality whatsoever.