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The dog wasnt under control if he charged toward Randazzo. The owner admits this as does Randazzo. Prove he didnt fear for his safety when a German Sheppard is charging toward hm. There is obviously more to this between all involved.
To say he simply told the woman about the bike rule and she went off? Yeah, thats what usually happens. I'm sure he was that nice about it too. How do we know they both didnt get into a pissing match and he said he would turn his dog loose on her or her boyfriend? He obviously knew who her boyfriend was prior to the incident. To say this was the first they knew of each other is naive. For all we know Randazzo may have gone there to confront this upstanding citizen and the guy turned his dog on him.

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Thank God this man wasn't hurt. The dog owner should be held accountable for not having his dog leashed. Randazzo should seek restitution for spent ammunition and the mental trauma he may have faced from this incident. Shame on the owner for not having the dog on a leash!

Come on, one side of the story?

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.....or every other light. School taxpayers are also paying for the children of Illegal Alien's at the school (full-ride) as well as their interpreter.

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There is also alot of waste at this school district. It is easier for them to layoff workers than to take a better look at additional ways to save and cut spending.

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Its a real shame the US Government is letting one of the last US industries slip away. I think there should be more emphasis put on what the alternitive is, meaning imported proteins, and the story behind it. If people realized how nasty imported proteins are, they would surely know we have to save our farms. Our country will rely on other countries once again for even more nessesities.

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I'm glad to see they extended the moratorium. There is no reason to rush into this and be pressured and influenced by the deceitful windmill officials. I hope during this extension the naive public realize and see how the windmills negative effects will out weigh the what they think is positive.