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No Tony,....the PM was NOT being disingenuous at all!!Yes,like all us(including myself) the PMheard the gossip but did NOT see the video.How could she have commented when she did NOT actually see the video?Look,to be honest,I had heard from good sources,about this video being "out there"for a very long time.Come on Tony,commenting on what you hear,is far different from commenting on what you see!!!........You know that bro!!

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Congratulations to our "Torpedo"Thompson for winning the 100 metres dash in Florida yesterday.....Excellent job man!....Who cares about malfunctioning wind gauge?....Best wishes for even better performances in the future....................KUDOS!!

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Congratulations to the owners,trainer,and the jockey riding Momentum,to his magnificent victory in the Carib Brewery Classic.Hopefully this elegant strapping horse will go on to complete the Triple Crown,by winning the T&T Derby come September.......KUDOS!!

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Excellent Post sir!....It is always a pleasure reading your interesting and insightful views on the history of Trini politics.
You are absolutely correct that Rowley's role,since being Opposition Leader,has been one of a belligerent reactionary to every perceived misstep by the government.After a while,the "neutral" voters will tire of Rowley's constant harassment..and only his "cheerleaders"will be left kicking up their legs and waving their pompoms for him.....LOL!
Again I do agree about the Capital punishment Bill,....and like you said,these screaming marchers should be careful of what they are calling for.....Your final sentence said it all,I don't have to repeat it.
Have a good day sir.

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Excellent post Triky!!...Could not have said it better.......Kudos!
Have a good evening.

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I believe these PNM lackeys,are scared that the Army might just do a better job than the Police.When Jack was MONS,the powers of arrest being given to the Army, was discussed....however the Bill to do so was shelved.So this is not something new,as this asinine writer Lynette Joseph is insinuating.

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And you don't care about those innocent school girls who were raped?....And by the way,...who hasn't smoked a joint or two in their lives?Even President Obama did ....even "crack"too.
Did you read Barack's book?....I doubt it.

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This RamlalSingh is a piece of work!!...He is a paid PNM operative placed here to denigrate all Hindus in T&T,as Rowley sees Hindus as being anti PNM.But unfortunately,Ram comes over as self loathing,drug addicted and disrespectful,as his benefactor and fellow hater Rowley himself!!...............................Nuff Said.

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Just as you guys have labelled all the "Beulah Duncan" letters as Fake,I am saying that this(Singh) letter, is part of the PNM propaganda machine at work.Look sir,who are you trying to fool?This computer generated Annette Singh,is no Christian,Muslim or Buddhist,because there is NO Annette Singh.You know its all Rowley driven propaganda as it was NEVER reported,that our PM said those words....But you know what?..I wish she did, because Mr Manning said almost as much about this "Drama Queen"Rowley. Just be careful what you wish for Soupy!!

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You are absolutely right wifey!!Judging from what he did to his boss Manning,..causing the poor man to get a stroke,....could you imagine what he will do to his political enemies?We all know what Mr Manning said about this evil monster....and it was not pretty!!In some ways Patos was warning us all about waking up,to the nightmare of a Rowley power grab!!To me both Mugabe and Idi Amin come to mind,so the PM is correct if she made the comparison to Mugabe.We cannot wait for Rowley to bring out the boiling cauldrons to dump his political opponents......we must demand that he be jailed for the missing 20 million during the last administration,and be brought to justice for raping his female students(in Tobago) and then escaping to Trinidad......Have a good day my dear!