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thats awesome dawn. thanks for serving with ideacamp - you are a gift!

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oooo that looks goooood!

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thanks for linking to me - honored!

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i think your point #2 is what a lot of church and ministry leaders miss. it takes a long term perspective both forward and backwards to understand that - that perspective isn't easy to cultivate.

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ENTJ but my T and F are very close and I've migrated more to T as I've gotten older. And my career environements are very 'T' so that has something to do with it.
My wife is also an INTJ - a very unique personality.... ;-)

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[sorry if this is a duplicate comment...]

i read "Two Views on Women in Leadership" about a year ago and it was a huge help - some of your readers might also appreciate it.

i agree with you too - this is a very important issue that leaders need to understand. even more, leaders need to be able to articulate the whys of where they fall on the decision.

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great notes. very excited to see how this plays out for you and dawn and the kids.

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hey guys sorry i'm late to the party...
i think it can be a daily thing-but more of a mindset than actual actions every day. i think as long as we know what our kids are up against, that awareness is a great starting place.
love what deana wrote about encouraging those relationships as a mom and wife - we fathers definitely need that kind of help.
it's for sure hard to bring those topics up in conversation. very awkward. but as a dad, i'm used to being seen as a bit awkward from my tween.... haha

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great post sam. your family is an inspiration!

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woo hoo! congrats! that makes you like me - a dodo. dad of daughters only....