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You are an idiot Walter but a very America one.

Your gutter anti-Semitism is of service only to Zionism. Without anti-Semitism there would have been no Zionism. Anti-semitism pushed Jews to Palestine and the Palestinians suffered.

You need to stick your head in a plastic bag and try thinking. Yes I know it's impossible but you've had long enough to learn.

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Russia is not a progressive state. It's only because it is aligned against the USA over Ukraine that people think it is but there is no principle guiding its foreign policy. I expect there were certain 'understandings' behind this vote with the USA.

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The follower of the late Jewish Nazi Rabbi Kahane would probably know a lot about a second holocaust. Given that his political ancestors in Beitar made up the bulk of the Jewish Police in the ghettos, i.e. were the ones who physically forced Jews onto the trains, a little silence from Plaut would be welcome.

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Oslo was about replacing the faces of the Israeli military with Palestinians. In other words it called for a Palestinian quisling. Arafat drew back despite his obvious failings.

I think you'll find it was the Palestinian people who kicked off the Intifada. Might have something to do with living under Occupation. You should try it for a few decades and then see if you achieve any enlightenment.

Punting in the English dictionary is handling a canoe. I'm not aware he did though I am aware that people lied as to why Camp David didn't succeed. Apartheid states never give up their power voluntarily.

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God you are confused. Not that it's any wonder. I suspect there are some people who are Hindus who are not Indian. Congress was formally a secular not a Hindu organisation. People living in Pakistan today don't consider themselves Indian. What is ethnicity? You are using it as race, which doesn't exist. Jews living in Israel can't be Israeli by nationality because there is no Israeli nationality. Have a look at George Tamarin v SOI and a more recent decision of the Supreme Court where it is held that such a concept would result in the cleavage of Israel from world Jewry.

That is incidentally one of the main problems about Israel. Unlike most democratic states, citizenship and nationality are not co-terminous. It is not a state of its citizens but a Jewish state. But in the passport citizenship (Israhut) is translated into the English as nationality. Zionism even lies in its official documents to deceive gullible non-Jews and it would seem ignorant Zionsits too.

No not difficult but I suspect it is for you Genelevit!

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Colonialism was a feature of capitalist expansion. You might as well ask how it was that the number of Jews in the Middle East in the first 2 centuries AD reached over 4 millions. The Arab tribes swept into Palestine and conquered it just as the Hebrew and Canaanite tribes had done so before them. The Middle East was never particularly stable. Did not the mythical Joshua put all he conquered to the sword?

The conflicts in Syria and Yemen have nothing to do with colonialism and Arabisation and a lot to do with Saudi and Gulf attempts to achieve a pax Americana. Yes the USA has blessed the bombing by the Saudis of Yemen.

Britain didn't 'give' the eastern part of Palestine to anyone. It wasn't Palestine and it wasn't Britain's to give. Britain happened to be the colonial power and what became Transjordan was part of the Palestine Mandate. It had never been considered a part of Palestine anymore than it was part of Syria. But yes the conquest or handing over of Jordan to the Saudis would of course have been more legitimate than Zionism. The Saudis, despite the West having put them in power in Arabia, were from the region unlike the European settlers that Zionism brought

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Yes Hagee is very influential unlike Farrakhan. So the fact that he believes Hitler was doing god's work and like most of his ilk is deeply anti-Semitic means nothing. After all he supports Israel. That seems to be the excuse of most anti-Semites today 'but we support Israel'.

Nope. Anti-semites and racists, be it Farrakhan, Hagee or yourself, are not welcome in JVP. I can't speak for the Zionist J-Street but I suspect that since you are a meshuganah Zionist of the fascist type yourself all those to your left are communists.

In fact since Farrakhan is a Black separatist and Zionism is a form of Jewish separatism you should make your peace!

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Your ignorance is only matched by your simplicity. No doubt Antarctica and the Arctic are the biggest colonisers of all!

You remind me of those idiots who measured the size of heads and then extrapolated from that to determine the size of someone's brain and hence their place on the racial spectrum. Craniology, I believe, was the 'science'.

Britain had the largest colonial empire, covering 1/4 of the world's surface, not including the informal empire. By your 'logical' stupidity it was India that was colonising Britain, not the other way around!

The Arab states aren't colonising, i.e. occupying and exploiting the land and labour of Israel or other states. Israel is doing all those things.

I hope I've simplified matters sufficient for even HardRocker to comprehend?

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Of course there was less hatred and sectarian violence before Partition. But Partition was the culmination of 40 years of British divide and rule beginning with the Morley-Minto reforms in about 1908 which introduced communal electorates.

There was little demand for separate voting for Muslim and Hindu and Congress had large numbers of Muslims in it, e.g. the Red G handi in the frontier regions of what is now Pakistan, but if less than 100,000 Brits were to conquer a hundred million Indians they needed to set the latter at each ot hers' t hroats.

Much the same happened in Palestine and of course Ireland. Ben Gurion never supported bi-nationalism. He supported a Jewish state and only supported partition as proposed by Peel in 1937 because once the Zionists had got a Jewish state they could then expand! Weizman too didn't support a bi-national state but a state that was Jewish, in his words, as England was English.

Stop trying to rewrite history. I know its a Zionist forte but in your case you are particularly bad ad it.

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Clearly your memory is fading with age