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What, you don't read your own blog postings??

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Don't forget power-wheelchairs

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If you took that $70 from your neighbor then decided to only take $50, you didn’t give $20 to anybody. And if you only have $50 instead of $100, then you need to reduce your spending plan.

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If they doubled the tax rate for everyone, the government would collect a revenue of $X. So does that mean that by not doubling the rates for everyone, it is going to add $X to the deficit?

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Some people keep trying to frame this package as $900Billion in tax cuts for the rich, which is simply not true.

For starters, this $900Billion figure is the projected “cost” over the next 5 years. The lower tax rates are only extended for the next 2 years.

Of that $900Billion, only about $400Billion is connected to the lower tax rates. And of that $400Billion, only $100Billion is connected to the wealthy.

And it’s not like we’re collecting money from the rest of us to write the wealthy a $100Billion check. That money is theirs to begin with. They may spend it, or they may invest it. The money will go into the economy much faster than if the government had confiscated it. Only politicians keep cash in their freezers and not in the economy.

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If I stole your personal information and posted it on the internet, would you argue on behalf of my “free speech” rights?

If the press is publishing stolen classified documents that reveal State secrets that could put us in harm, then yes I support censorship. But that doesn’t mean that I support China’s overwhelming censorship of people that have an opinion.

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But I asked Santa for a winning lotto ticket this year. Santa can only do so much, so Sparkie is gonna have to wait till next year before people read his blog posts….

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I must have missed the part where Rob wants the U.S. Government to censure the Internet to prevent free speech. Maybe you can point me to where he calls for this heavy-handed action???

As far as my opinion on what the U.S. Government should do with wikileaks, I think they should do whatever they can to shut it down. The documents that they are leaking are property of the U.S. Government and were stolen and distributed to unauthorized people for the purpose of weakening our country.

I think protecting classified documents from dissemination is very different than what is going on in China in regards to internet censorship.

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What does wikileaks have to do with the government shutting down websites that distribute pirated content? Did you bother to read past the headline?

But on the subject of wikileaks, maybe the U.S. Government should put copyrights on their classified documents.

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And then they create committees to try and figure out what's wrong with their committees.