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Thank you, Jean!  Wouldn't it be something if our families could all meet sometime.  I feel as if I know so much about them.

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Thanks for the info, Kay.  I did not know you had had this.  You understand the pain then.  He told me this week it looks like it is going to be a surgery for me, too.

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You are so kind, Jean.  So wish we were able to be 'close together' friends!

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Dear Leisa, What a lovely email!  Thanks for responding.  My sister and I have one grandson each.  And, it looks like that will be it!  Her grandson lives about 25 miles away.  So, because family is so important to us, I started a Boogaloo Camp when the boys were small.  (Boogaloo just because it is fun to say!)  We take a few days each summer and spend it together at our little cottage in Laguna Beach, FL.  It's just my sister, myself, my daughter in law and my two nieces.  We all make it a priority every other plans get made till Boogaloo Camp is on the calendar.  I have kept my grandson since he was 6 weeks old and this year he will be going into first grade.  It has been my pleasure to instill in him a love for art and using his imagination.  (He is the youngest of the boys).  We also have a craft day in the fall at my home!  I so believe in teaching children the importance of feeling free to express themselves with all sorts of media.  I have been in preschool education for 40 years!  I live in Dothan, about 80 miles north of PCB.  Hope your vacation there is full of fun this year!  Thanks again for the visit.  Blessings to you and yours!  Tonja

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Thanks so much, Jean!  He is such a joy and eager to try anything I suggest!

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Writing seems to come and go for me.  But, I am really enjoying getting back into the habit.

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Hi Rachel, I have just gotten around to looking at my comments.  Spent a few days at the beach last week and I am still having trouble with this foot!  Also having a little kidney trouble and have not been feeling my best!
Thank you for your kind words!  My Pop loves, loves, loves to tell stories.  He has stories about every place he visited and the people he visited.  He has truly had some remarkable experiences for one man!  I have gotten him a tape recorder and some tapes and told him to start talking!  He says he does better when someone is listening and asking questions.  So, Joy and I are planning to take him down to the beach house for a few days when it cools off some and just let him talk away!   So, I may take you up on your offer.  I know you could make his stories sing like nobody's business!  
Do I remember you saying that you were making a trip down into these parts?  If you do...or in the future....I would love to find my way to you and get a real live hug from you!  Even though I feel as if we are old friends.  I often feel the hugs in your words!
Hope things are going well with you and your precious little one!  Know she is growing so!  Hope you are ot having these terribly hot days like we are!  Just about have to live in the pool!
Take care...and Consider yourself hugged today!

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Uh Oh! I was afraid I'd step on someone's toes! Obviously, it is a blast having this 'party in your mouth'! And, I urge you to continue to indulge and enjoy it! But, if we ever meet can leave it at home! Blessings to you, my friend! Hope life is treating you well along with all those you hold dear. And, I hope it is not as hot there as it is here 104 today...95% humidity!

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Oh, Rachel, my dear and clever friend. You know, I sometimes get so furious, there are just not enough words in my vocabulary at the moment to adquately explain how I am feeling. These are the times Roget's is invaluable! I did manage to get about half of those by myself though. But, since it lacked a little 'oomph'...I wasn't sure I had gotten my point across as well as I'd like. But, I felt quite pleased by the time I hit PUBLISH!

Now,I know you are a very skilled and savvy wordsmith, and I am nowhere near your league...BUT...'obstreperfuriating'?...I can't find a definition, a synonymn, or anything else on this word. I checked the dictionaries and the thesauruses as well. Please, my friend, tell me if this is your very own word or if it belongs to us all?

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Rachel, I love, love love your description! I could see exactly where everyone of those things would go! I was so taken with the thoughts of that as an extra kitchen, I had to share it with my friends on the blog! So, do you think you will get new cabinets soon?