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Like the proverbial pink elephant in the room, unless our nation adopts a common philosophy framework and therefore base its policies to a true democratic universal Bill of Rights, Justice and Equality, the realities and consequences of our racially unfair privileges or non-need based affirmative actions will evidently rob the nation of its true unity and great future, as experienced by each Malaysian growing up post 1970s. You would think we could, should and would learn from our failures and the successes of our neighboring south after all these years but alas for selfish immoral leaders and politicians.

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On the contrary, Non-malay component parties in BN please take note that these type of Umno youth leaders will be the future PM and Ministers if you continue to run with them in your so-called alliance in BN. Read what they are saying : they are so full of themselves that they are telling you MCA, Gerakan, MIC and what not Lain-Lain component parties they don't need you guys to win a majority in GE, they can form a government just on votes from malays only (so what if they are from kampungs seats only). They (and some of the thinking & educated voters) consider you guys as cost, window dressing, burden, lame ducks occupying their much sought after minister seats only at their boss pleasure and graciousness. Question is what are you going to do and can do, after you have finished barking, mr mCA? Dare we hold our breath in anticipation? The old MCA & Gerakan used to have courage and bravado to act and do the right things to keep big brother umno in line and in check. Not just a mouthpiece here and there.

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Kalau nak sangat ikut hudud, baik buang saja Pelembagaan Parliamen dan sistem demokrasi negara seperti zaman sistem kuasa mutlak raja-raja tanah melayu tu.
Nama negara sekarang Malaysia, bukan Tanah Melayu kah, Malaya Union kah, Persekutuan Negeri Melaya kah, maknanya kita ikut Raja Pelembagaan, Parliamen, Sistem Kehakiman dan Demokrasi, negara majmuk berbilang kaum itulah warganegara Malaysia, masing-masing ada hak asasi yang adil dan saksama (sepatut itu lah kalau bukan dipolitikan).
Orang melayu janganlah macam bak kata tanam pokok pisang harapkan buah durian pula. Salam 1Msia.