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The Christians attacked the Muslims during the middle ages. The Muslim attacked back and they got at far as the Middle of Spain.
I stick by the comment that Israel/USA is the reason for the recent wars. England, france, and Russia joined together to eliminate the ottoman empire and spilt the land. They understood the value of oil and they knew of the vast oil reserves of the region. These same people promised the arabs a homeland if they fount the Ottoman Empire but in the great betrayal they pulled the plug on the homeland and allowed the british to take over a large area in the british mandate and the french Lebanon. Russia was not a factore because of the revolution.
Hey maybe you do not get it be the area should have been 100 percent arab because thousands died defeating the Ottoman empire. Your comments on Shariah law is the usual methods to avoid the reality of the screwing that the arabs took. I do not see the arabs putting nuke on submarines and then crying that Iran is trying to make a bomb.
BTW Israel or Lord Rothchild plantation really stated about 1870 when Lord Rothchild loaned england 4 million pounds to purchase the suez canal. With the usual british help Egypt was occupied by the british army all over bad bonds printed by the british government and distributed by Lord Rothchilds agents. Troops in Egypt gave England a foot hold in the middle east and actually allowed the british to arm the arabs to defeat the ottoman empire. The british were a disaster as a military force wiht 157,000 killed in Galopoli and a full british army being captures and in house arrest in Baghad at the end of the war.
The trouble in the middle east is pretty much caused by the refusal of the zionist to accept a homeland in africa. The entire history of wwii would be totally different had the accept the offer for a large plot of land. But Lord Rothchild did not own large tracks of land in africa.

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Our founding fathers were just pure genius. They warned us to stay out of foreign affairs. The disaster that has resulted in the unholy relationship with Israel has proved they were correct. The zionist came in the millions after they ran into great trouble with the Russian government in the last 25 years after the killing of the Russian czar in 1880. They looked for weakness in the governments that the relocated and they saw that to take over the USA they only needed to chage the way we elected senators and bribe the house members. Shortly we changed from appointing senators by state official to electing them. This on the surface sounds great until on realizes what happened. We use to have people in the senator who had to keep the people back home happy or they would be replaced. Now we have a person who needs massive money and can buy lies to publish on the TV. We have 100 senators running around the world looking to cause international war over taking care to get some poor guy a job in the home state.
The weakness of a federal system is buying a very few gain control over everyone. I am not sure what can be done to undo the damage but was are doomed by the war mongers that we presently elect.

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It is difficult to figure out why German gave Israel the very weapon which could destroy berlin. I wonder what is wrong with Merkle? Is she just stupid or is she just that much into destroying her own people. I have watched her on her trips to Israel and I figured she had to act like a prostitute when in the home of hte beast but the submarines and the danger to civilization to have these weapons in a nation like Israel is beyond understanding. Why Merkel would give the subs away is amazing and I hope it was because they actually put a fatal flaw so that the sub blow up as the madmen try to use it to shot off a nuke bomb. Merkel sounds very much like the IMF woman who yells greece is not suffering enough but she fails to pay any taxes. A world of special people is a world not good for most.

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plan to overthrow seven governments – Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Iran. '

This is amazing that so many have not figured out that we as Israel/USA is really starting all the conflict in the middle east. We have thousands dead in Iraq who died for a lie. It makes one wonder about WWII and what Churchill and FDR did to get us into the war. I know WWI was the great lie and I wonder just what to believe anymore. I know what ever conflict happens now we should make sure the Israel forces are the first in. If they push for war let them not just profit but suffer the same as our parents who have lost our children to the war mongers. Today I read a story that Israel new submarines will carry nukes. Who did not know that their would be no other reason to have the subs other than threaten european and other capitals. To me it proves that israel is not just a homeland of a religion but the home of war mongers. Our founding fathers were so smart and they warned us not to get involved in foreign affairs. They were so correct.

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It is exactly what has been zionism. You do not understand the truth. I recommend that you read the diary of Moshe Sharet who was the second prime minister of Israel. They formed transfer comities in Europe to get rid of the arab population. They had not even arrived in the area when they were planning to do the people who own the land in. Every single leader of the zionist movement in Israel were clearly bigots and out and out racist. They cry about how they were treated in the middle east but it was the arabs who gave them a place to live after being attacked by the people in their old nation. I think you would change your mind when you learn that this comment would be the normal. I know you like to think of the movies produced showing that wonderful guy with the fiddle. The truth is the original zionist were the stern gang who pushed dead bodies down the drink wells in the local arab communities so to deny the locals water in the desert. Another favorite game of the stern gang was setting fire to an arab home and then shooting anyone who felt it better to try leaving over burning to death.
It was the stern gang lead by Ben Gurion who murdered 99 british officers and wives in the king david hotel.
The history of zionist is exact the same as the person in this story express. BTW the reason why they have a problem with the blacks today is they would not hire an arab and they abused the cheap labor from Asia so they turned to another group to exploit and they would not stand for it.
It is clear that israel faces a major problem with this mess. They will try but the world is watching and the zionist do not like daylight.

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Clinton knows that providing weapons is the reason the imported rebels even exist. I do not see russia or syria provided those weapons. Clinton sure has proved to be a great war mongers. I wonder if she got that from being married to a guy who ran to the enlistment office when he rear end was needed for the conflict in vietnam? What a guy Bill Clinton was to win so many metals for honor and faithful love of family and country. Bill Clinton and hillary sure define the modern zionist supporter.

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What I do not see being reported is the fact that the US put serious sanctions on Iran and if you look at the fact that at the present the dow average is below the level when the year started.
When are the people going to understand that sanctions hurt all not just some magic that we try to hurt Iran but we do not suffer. We still have the sanctions on Iraq which is amazing consider we killed such a large percentage of the Iraq people. What would it take to let them recover? Oh I am sorry I forgot if Iraq recovers then Israel economy will decline. That is not going to be allowed by the zionist.
We are broke and we sure are in deep trouble. Maybe it is time to question if we really need the war mongers. They have has such control since the clown bush was made president by the supreme court. Maybe it is time we do something to stop the insanity. Give peace and chance and at least demand that Israel provide some man power to any military action. We gave Israel very good aircraft let the Israel pilots the chance to become heroes. It has to be a fright to only bomb old woman and children.

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Dear Mr. Silver:
I am sorry you feel that way about my nation. I ask that you take the money you spend on making visits to a nation that you hate and use that money to lobby those pigs in your nation that like the bleed the workers of the USA for so much money. I am sure you will feel better if you do but then again you do sound like you enjoy feeling that you are superior. I will not that the present prime minister of Israel is a son of one of those Jew haters who ran our universities. Go look up Bibi father and look under disgusting terrorist who then will not raise his kids in the nation he help create with his acts of terrorism. I wonder if bibi father would be one of those disgusting jew hater but for every other religion on the planet. BTW are you related to bibi's father?

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I would wonder how can we blame the syrian government for attacking armed individual who probably never lived in syria. Would not a armed group face attack if they were in the USA and stated they planned on taking over the government. Has not all nations been allowed to defend against harm?
The problem is you cannot trust anything that is reported. Money is king of all matters.

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Gaddafi had gold and he failed to understand that when the whores like McCain started to warm up that they were looking to feed on the dead bodies in Libya. We now live in a world that the United Nation has no meaning. Members can be attacked by other member and the leader of the United Nations will act as a cheerleader.
We living in a world of pure military power and that is good for us but I fear for only the short term. We are owned by the bankers who are the real problem. Libya was murder just like Syria. This is all operation of clean break which is the zionist plan on taking over the middle east by removing governments that Israel does not like and putting puppets in their place. The real success of operation clean break has to be questioned. Look at the disaster Gaza was because the people of gaza did not vote for the Israel puppet. Look at the disaster when the IDF entered Libya in 2006. Things can go wrong and how many of our kids need to die for war mongers.