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OMG.. Trouble in Liberal paradise..

And as usual the deniers are out in force.. I guess the survey made up all the negative response they got.

Oh I see now, they did not ask the "Real" Boulderites, you know the "Right" people...

Can I be like you,, just tell me please where can I get one of those "Native Coloradoan" bumper stickers...

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Well Lynn, You can call the local newspaper of your choice and place an add this weekend.... No one is stopping you...

It's nice to want to save the world..

Here is a video for your enjoyment..


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Argue the legalities all day if you want..

The actions of those involved are B.S. They suffered from a severe lapse of critical thinking from start to finish. They are like high school boys that got caught and are now trying to lie their way out of a bad situation..

Considering they are LEO's and used such poor judgment, and no doubt even contemplated what they were about to do, possibly for days in advance, yet they still went through with the idiotic action they should be dismissed as they show they are not capable of good judgment even in a non threatening situation..

Go ahead , tell me I am jumping the gun , I expect it.
The LEO's can hide behind legal twist and turns all they want, What they should do is show some character and take responsibility for what they did..

Of course the problem is the LEO's UNION representation is telling them under any circumstances NOT to say anything and is working to keep the LEO's on the job at all cost.. They have no concern with the issues of what actually happened, just how to keep the officers from having to face the consequences of their actions..

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"John Massey said he sings and plays music on the mall and relies on cigarettes to give his voice its bluesy character."

Holy s#!t , Its called early stages of throat cancer you idiot..

Smokers are unreal.. Addiction is a terrible thing

. But hey I've heard many of them admit they can quit any time... after all, when they hit $8 a pack then it's time to get serious about it..

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First off, she had no business having the gun out of its holster or her purse at work.

Oh I forgot , she said the gun was jammed... What did she bring it from home jammed?

Obviously she was screwing around with it when she should not have been.

A concealed carry permit means just that. The firearm is concealed unless it is needed to lawfully protect the carrier.
Well obviously this was not the case. was it..

This is not a failure of the concealed carry law, it is a failure of the persons judgment.

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Here's one for Obummer..

Scam Man:

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I'm thinking what a mess Obama would inherit if he were to win in 2012...

He could ride that one for the rest of his days...

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Romney is known for his effectual leadership style. He knows how to skin a cat...

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Conservatives are going to vote in LARGE numbers this November. That is what will decide this election.

All the padded polls and biased pandering from the msm will not change that fact.

Unlike leftist idiots we do not have to run around in the streets all the time to prove our convictions.. We WILL VOTE.

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What they are sick of is they now know their President is a LIAR.