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Obviously a pro E U voter clutching at straws your alleged sins by Boris are not in the same league

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We need the Jimmy Saville & the grooming gangs reports & Starmrrs role in the coverup by Gordon Brown before we mention his deputy who is supposed to be banned from face book & Twitter

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Trump whilst being unorthodox is been good for America & his poll ratings are very high
The constant barrage of criticism from the B B C & most U K media people like you need to realize he believes in free enterprise and a small state time to realize this & grow up

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A Oxford scientist in the D M states 50% of the population have been exposed to C if that is true then Trump saying there will be a rapid recovery might be correct his approval ratings are 60% Gallup poll

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6 months maximum it’s Martial LAW in all but name

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There was an American guy on the news last night who stated that 90% of the money already spent was wasted & the real time to intervene was when cases had peaked
Also south Asian nations appears
to be handling this better especially Singapore

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The E U have nothing left to address this crisis interest rates are already at zero National Governments are closing there borders
The Italian economy was in a mess before this
Merkel refuses to bail out the failing members of the Euro & the E U is under attack from Turkey over immigration & if any ground it given it will increase the nationalist vote
Trump also has the E U in his sights over defense & unfair trade protection
We really might se the beginning of the end of the E U Soviet Union style

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surely it far better to produce our own than import it

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Problems with the remainers in the civil service is my biggest worry

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Good start plenty more to go this pro E U unelected cabal has been running the country & totally ignoring the U K s vote to leave the E U they undermined Mays government at every opportunity it was probably them who advised her to call an election in the hope she would lose her majority these people are the real betrayers of Britain not Patel