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.".....the accident was the worst since 2013, that killed 37 people. "
Wow your last major accident sounds as though its a few decades ago. But it's merely 3yrs ago.
Why not make it a yearly event since nothing has effectively been done since day one
Liow please listen carefully
It's not more laws or more severe penalties but proper, consistent and fair enforcement.

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Liow, this recurring tragic accidents are not caused by lack of proper laws or regulation
It's purely an issue on enforcement
And this very sad weakness applies to all the other sectors. Hospitals gets burnt down, crane collapses, reoccurring corruption and crime. It's all about very poor enforcement. Telling the world you want to have changed laws stop further major road accidents are really futile......if it's not properly enforced

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These coperation is indeed a political move (not political maturity)
Hence they decided to delve into this Rohingya issue because of political survival or advantage
Hoping to gain points from the local muslim community
If there was never such a desperate stand locally to get max muslim votes, the Rohingya killing and abuse would never have cross their mind. The Rohingya killings hve been going on for several decades and sadly they never had any interest or concern until they fall into the local political desperation they are

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And redshirt demo is legal ?
What a st@pid ars@hole ( redshirt leadersand canot face SOSMA) ?

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Khairy jamalluddin, kindly be a man of your word.
And if you are unable to stand by your word, please dont make any heroic or credible stand.
Just continue being a lalang and sway with the boneless and corrupt troupe.
You are just in the wrong boat.

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The govt failed to stop bersih 5, despite
1 Using all legitimate and illegitimate means to stop it
2 Engaging contigents of gangsters to threaten the movement
3 Arresting bersih leaders
How could such disparragong objective spells a healthy democracy ?

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A very heartbreaking news
But he is in a better place

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Pandikar must explain where he gets this subjudice nonsense from ?
Hre is not even sure of its validity and it seems that he is bulldozing his authority recklessly as a House Speaker for a coverup
Pandikar must behave professionally.
Else please quit

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Just sack the EC Chief for being incompetent, bias and wasting public time and resources
There no need to debate or review his rubbish proposal on redineation
Get someone who knows how run an Election fairly and systematically

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What about hand chopping ?
Is it also less painful ?