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Very timely article. I actually just watched the Jim Carrey film "Yes Man" last night.

Take risks, fail and face your fears are all great tips. I think part of the reason so many people get stuck in jobs they hate is because they don't do this. They take the easier, more comfortable, less scary option because they know they won't fail if they make that choice.

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Don't check emails so often is a great tip and if you work from home you can also add don't check stats so often. These are probably the two biggest time sucks for me.


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Good post but not sure I agree with point 11. Reader01111101's right - Bruce Lee ran many miles a day.


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Point 5 is such a valuable time saver for me. I generally only cook once or twice a week but cook a big batch each session (about 8 servings). I then eat what I have cooked for two or three days and freeze the rest - using freezer bags to separate the food into individual portions. After a couple of weeks doing this you quickly build up a wide selection of meals in your freezer.

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Good post. Definitely agree with you on the herbs and spices. When you are used to highly processed foods, natural alternatives can taste bland at first. However, herbs and spices really help add some interesting flavours to your meals.

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Good article. I think mixing it up is a key as sticking to the same routine can quickly become boring and mundane.

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I think exercising straight after work is a good option. As soon as you get in your home there are so many distractions and excuses to avoid exercises. If you go straight to the gym you should stay motivated.

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Some good points. Whilst I think it's OK to let yourself go a little over Christmas going in with a plan ensures that you can treat yourself a little without going overboard. For example, on Christmas day you are probably going to cheat a lot (despite your best intentions) so you could plan to make it up on Boxing Day by going for a jog and having a healthy menu prepared for the day.

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Haha. Great article. I could identify with a lot of these bad habits from my student days. Thankfully I've now knocked quite a few of them off my list of things I do regularly. There's still room for improvement though.

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Good post. I would also recommend staying hydrated by drinking lots of water regularly. On top of this when you start to feel a little drowsy and fancy a coffee - substitute it for green tea. I find it much more refreshing than coffee. Whilst coffee does perk me up in the short term I find that over the course of the afternoon green tea has a better effect.