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Oromo thank you for shareing your ideas now let other people share thier thoughts too.

Thank You

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@Agew, We know what your are doing, STOP! we left this comment for people to see how stupid you are. Next time we wont be so kind.

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Mr. Rule of Law, you have been attacking this website for quite some time don’t you think you should stop? Most of your comments are fairly decent even if we don’t agree with them but lately you have been changing your mode here at Tigrai Online, out of respect to your conduct here and because we like the way you present your opposing ideas we would look away from this comment hoping you will do the right thing.

FYI. The photo you are talking about was emailed to us from a face book friend, as soon as someone pointed it out the error to us we removed it, we are all humans, to be a human is to make mistakes. We didn’t knowingly publish the picture as you put it.


11 years ago @ Tigrai Online News - Wikileaks reports say ... · 2 replies · +2 points

@Justine, brother calm down please
Next time you must have to have some trust on us, we will never ever post anything that is not true to the best of our knowledge; however here is the link for the Egyptian water minister. http://www.bikyamasr.com/76796/egypt-wanted-to-attack-ethiopia-dam-reveals-wikileaks/

Thank you

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Yes she does deserve that and more, if you don't agree that is fine we just leave it as that.

11 years ago @ Tigrai Online News - Prime Minister Meles Z... · 1 reply · +1 points

Please find me one extremist that would say "Tigraians are the corner stone of Ethiopia" Please don't fool yourself and others. Wake up and smell the reality.

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Stop attacking our website, your comments are baseless, STOP! This is your second worming. There will not be any argument about this. We have noticed a few comments directly addressed to this website that are nasty. If you have any concern ask politly for us to take a look. You don't have to scream or lash out.

Thank you

11 years ago @ Tigrai Online News - The International Cris... · 5 replies · -8 points

@Fact, We at Tigrai Online would somewhat agree with you on the point that the government could be more transparent about the situation and they could do better PR work but they might have their own reasons not to do so. If the government does not come out and say what we want them to say, it does not mean ESAT can go and fabricate lies. ESAT didn’t do this by accident; it is calculated move to create mass hysteria. It is a smokescreen for Esatoch, Gunbetoch, and Gelebawoch to sneak in to power in the confusion, well only in your dreams leaky pants. We appreciate your exquisite well written comment but we disagree with you it is the problem of ESAT. If they are a true media they should take the time to find out the truth and report what they find instead of fabrecating photos and false news.

11 years ago @ Tigrai Online News - Ginbot 7 and it\'s twi... · 0 replies · +1 points

The point is not if he is or he is not in a hospital the point is Gibot 7 faking a photo to cheat and confuse the Ethiopian people. The subject matter is not Meles in this article it is Ginbot 7 and the other half of Ginbot 7 lying about the photo. If the government said the PM.is not feeling well, why do they need to go that far to fake a photo? What else are they faking about? That is the question. So, Tigrai Online didn't confuse anyone we are trying to shed a light and show the people the truth.

11 years ago @ Tigrai Online News - Prime Minister Meles Z... · 2 replies · -3 points

@shor As much as I dataset and despise your words and I am tempted to delete your comment I am going to let it stay for two reasons, 1) I want people to know people like you exist, people who generalize and grossly deny reality. You said “All those that stood with TPLF and EPLF are children of Bandas and Ascaris.” Listen people he is talking about those who actively participated in the struggle and those who are supporters; can you imagine how many people we are talking about? 2) You seem to know how to write most likely you have some education and you are campaigning against Tigringa speakers so I would not be able to delete your thoughts from your mind but, I want to expose you so our people know who they are dealing with and delete your poisonous idea from their brain.

Do you think the 93 milion people of Ethiopia are so Stupid, and so weak they let son of bandas and askeris rule them?