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Where has Icon Restore been all my life?

Thanks, man.

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Awesome post. I love this:

"We facilitate shared understanding among project stakeholders. We are communication experts."

That needs to be what we keep striving for, IMO.

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Great post, bro. Good to see the big brother taking care of little. Hope you guys are well.

Now... I'm ready for some Agile BA posts from the master. Wutcha got planned for '10?

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Really solid. Picture me nodding my head while reading each paragraph. I hope you drill into each of these at some point. There are some great discussions waiting to be had.

"Talent, or a knack for picking up on patterns helps, but there is no substitute for time and experience." Amen.

So, what DO we do with our 200-page documents? Even if I do a Find "Provide the ability to" Replace "", I'm still gonna have 178 pages.

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Another gem, Jonathan. I am currently deep in the battle of requirements versus wireframes. I feel like I have this debate once a year. I tried Balsamiq a while back thanks to a post by a buddy of mine (<a href="" target="_blank"> I thought it was a fantastic tool and we put it in front of a client. Ultimately, we stuck with good old requirements and let the mocks fall out. As brainstorming tools, I'm all for mocks. You simply have to have good requirements though, imo.