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The power of collaborative learning. I guess it works so long as everyone puts the same amount of effort into the summaries. Risks of free-riding I would think.

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As a new comer to the likes of Twitter and facebook I was not aware that such networking sites would be used in this way, but I guess when it is made so easy to comment, and comment anonomously it is inevitable. In the same way that it seems inevitable for such tools to be used for marketing dressed as comment so propoganda can also be dressed up as commentary.

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Weel if you google 'amazon postage charges' there is quite some discussion about the charges Amazon and some Ebay sellers impose for postage and packing, which is usally not refundable if you return the item.

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I hope you are right since increasingly it seems like a slippery slope as marketers get to grips with the consumers reliance on the 'informal' web. In the FT last week there was an article about the hiring of blog writers by companies for this very purpose.

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I guess it is the drinks equivalent of X Factor - Ie Give people what they say they want. I guess politicians have been trying this approach for years. Agree with you though, will be interesting to see if it works for Pepsi.

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Long live pyramid selling !

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Well I foolishly thought I had got to grips with this blog thing so I went to the trouble of changing the layout of my tumblr blog. Result was that I lost the ability for people to post comments ! Seems like you have to re-install intense debate each time you change the layout.

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Maybe I am too cynical but having heard about how comparison web-sites are based more on commission than whos giving the best deal, having read the blog about the company paying people to write positive reviews on Amazon and seing the use of marketing on Twitter. It strikes me that the more these types of tools become common knowledge the more they can be manipulated to tell the story savvy on line marketers want to tell.

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Great coupleof posts. I think on-line fashion still has a long way to go, ie still has huge potential. As you have highlighted there is a lot of innovation in this area that is attracting a lot of attention. I see there is a new on-line outlet shopping site being launched by the founder of net-a-porter.

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Yes the book also talks of Skype adding a new line of support, fees and members. The reality is quite different. There is a complete lack of synergies between the businesses and I see in todays press it looks like EBay are trying to sell Skype at what would be a considerable loss.

I think Amazon have been incredibly smart at the way they have continually evolved their business model. Moving from just a cheap but efficient book store to a model which seems to make more on the postage charges than the books in many cases. The way they have embraced the affiliate program I think does wonders for their brand.