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The only thing that makes us unique is the fact that we have no belief in gods. We have no dietary laws, so we don't need special cookbooks or ingredients. We have no limits as to apparel or requirements for special materials to make our clothing. No required funny hats and no special laws retaining to hair cuts, or the removal of small pieces of our bodies or special tattoos. So what do we need besides a few books, bumper stickers, tee shirts and a bit of jewelery?

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I see this as a marketing tool and not as a discrimination against me, other atheists or anyone of a non Christian religion. If a major NASCAR event was taking place locally on a weekend I wouldn't be surprised to see businesses showing ads for discounts for meals, rooms etc, by showing tickets stubs or pit passes. As a senior I get many discounts based on proof of age or by showing an AARP card. As an employee of Memphis's largest employer I am able to get discounts from many local area businesses, as well as hotel, car rental and other nationwide companies. Anyone who lives in or travels to any major city that has a large amount of tourist based concerns or a large convention center is well aware of all the promotions that offer discounts with proof of attendance at a particular convention or based on age, employment or other criteria. What would really make me happy would be to see a business give a discount to anyone who would willingly declare to be an atheist.

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I can only imagine some of the things the Christian whiners called him and brave wouldn't be one of them.

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I think the use of decoys and deliberate deception in the animal kingdom is actually pretty common. I had a pheasant hen do her decoy trick on me once. In the early 80s I was renting a house on a farm in Mcminnville Or. The lane from the house out to the road was about 200 yards or so long. One day when I was leaving home I stopped at the mail box which was at the end of the lane where it met the road. As I got out of my truck and was walking toward the mail box a pheasant hen hopped out of the field about 20 feet away and started hopping down the road dragging one wing as if she was injured. I had been told that pheasants will do this to draw predators away from a nearby nest. I was in no hurry so I figured I'd see how far she would go with this game. I followed her down the road and if I got too close she'd manage to flutter a little bit and gain some distance but not so much as to make me want to give up. She did this for about a 100 feet down the road and then she went out into the field across the road. I followed her about another 50 feet or so into field and then suddenly a miracle happened! She was instantly healed so she flapped her wings and took off across the field. I knew there must have been a nest near the mail box but I didn't want to disturb it so I just got may mail and left it alone. I am pretty sure that planned deception as a survival method is instinct for many species.