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Secretary of State White has filed his response in the Illinois Supreme Court.

The essence of his argument:
1) Roland Burris is validly appointed
2) I made a record of the appointment
3) That is all that I am required to do by Illinois law
4) The Senate's certificate of appointment is a form created by Senate Rules
5) No federal statute requires him to sign the certificate of appointment
6) The Senate rules only require that the certificate of appointment substantially comply with the suggested form (and thus strict compliance is not legally mandated)
7) A certificate of appointment signed by the governor only does substantially comply with the suggested form
THEREFORE 8) I have done all that I am required to do by law and Senator Burris's legal recourse is against the Senate, not me.

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Many of them are non-salaried advisory positions. Essentially honorary positions.

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I klnow and I shouldn't be one to talk. Have already started the talking process for finding candidates at the local level for 2010.

But we just got this bright new shiny only been driven on weekends government to take out for a spin and would like just for a second or two to think about all that we can get done over the next 12 months in terms of putting our campaign promises into policies.

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Looks like Stivers conceded tonight. That leave the recount in Virginia 5 (which I believe is scheduled for next week), the provisionals and recount in Lousiana 4, and the recount which will never end in Minnesota.

Then we can get to the specials to replace Rahm Emmanuel and whichever other representatives get named to the cabinet or White House.

Umm, when do we get to turn our attention from campaigning to governing?

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According to the Green Papers, the provisionals in the Fourth District are going to be counted on Tuesday.

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While absentees are included in the current count, I don't know what the rule in Louisiana is for absentees. Some states have a postmarked by election day rule and others states have a received by election day rule. If Louisiana has a postmarked by election day rule, there would still be some absentees to be counted as well as some provisionals. Not that there will necessarily be enough, but who knows.

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I don't expect Jefferson to be in a position to run in 2010 as he will have a different residence.

One thing that I did notice out of Louisiana is that the Republicans won three seats with less than 50% of the vote (2nd District, 4th District, 6th District). When you add Senator D.C. Madam's race to the mix, I think now is a good time for Democratic activists to set up camp in Louisiana and go full bore on those four races.

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Am looking at the list of precincts still outstanding in Orleans. It's a lof of ground to make up, but there are a lot of precincts from Jefferson base still to report.

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Large ballot dump from Bossier Parrish gives Fleming just enough to pull ahead by 357. If was a cynical type of guy might be suspecting some trickery by the Republicans holding out 37 precincts until the end.

Looks like a recount.

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Looking at the parish by parish breakdown. It looks like 43 in Bossier and 27 in Caddo and a handful elsewhere. Unless there is a really large precinct in Bossier that is still to report, it doesn't look like there are enough votes left for Fleming to catch up.

Don't know what precincts are in from Orleans Parrish.