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I see a lot of efforts like this go down in flames because of a lack of focus, and I applaud GB for starting and driving this.

My take on all of the mess we are in is simple. I agree with GB we lost focus on what is important to us and it cost us. After the election a friend of mine and I sat down at lunch and bemoaned the fact that there is no longer a true consevative leader to return us to our course. We were hearing so many people talk about the situation with words like "If I were running for President I'd..." and "What they should do is....." Well that led me to start thinking about what I'd do if I were running....

1). I'd name my cabinet before the general election.
2). I'd tell them and the American people that the vast majority of them are tasked with shutting down their section of the buracracy with 3 years
3). I'd tell the American people I'm returing the power to the states where it belongs.
4). I'd keep the Dept of State, Defense, Treasury and Commerce since they are the only true deparments that should exist consitutionally.
5). I'd explain to the American people that I am 100% for immigration, that it must all happen through the front door. I might even open Ellis Island as a symbol of this.
6). I'd campaign with the pledge that if the Congress was turned over to conservatives, I'd abolish the US tax code and replace it with a sales tax.
7). I'd push for legislation that the Congress cannot spend more than last years tax reciepts.
8). As I transferred the power back to the states, I'd also cut the budget by the amount of the spend for that department.
9). I'd propose changes to Social Security with the end goal of eliminating it.
10). My first Department elminiated would be Education, and propose a law eliminating all Federal laws that oversee education - that is a state/local job
11). I'd task Congress to pass laws stating the IRS cannot confiscate without a court order.
12). I'd task Congress with replacing the IRS with a low level government agency that investigates compliance wit the collection of sales tax.
13). I'd promise no other taxes to money at the federal level other than Sales and Tariffs.
14). I'd promise to nominate to the judiciary only those judges that have shown they can adjudicate, not legislate.
15). I'd have a full accounting of the monies of the US goverment and publish my findings. I think the US citizens would faint if they knew the levels of IOUs written by our goverment.
16). I would push Congress to propose a law that all members of the Congress as well as judges, and Executive branch would be required to post their net worth upon entering office, and before every election. I'm amazed at how many get rich in office on a so-so salary....

please add to this list, I have many more, but my head hurts when I have to continue....