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Thanks KCRG for making the correction. I'm just happy everyone was ok.

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It was not Tipton fire dept.. It was TIFFIN fire dept... my husband did not get home untill 2 am and had to be up for work at 4.

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I've followed this story from the begining, may God bless your family and keep you strong in your time of need, I wish you all the best of luck and hope he's found!! You all are in my thoughts and prayers!!

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This man use to be my neighbor, I'm shocked I'd never of pictured him as someone who would do this. Wow..

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Thoughts and prayers out to the families.. I did not know him, but knew one of his daughters.

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I agree with you... totally!!! Why ruin other peoples lives becasue you misrible in your own.

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I was really enjoying the show and very interested however they could of edited the temper tantrums of the 12 yr old out.. that's what made me end up turning the show.

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Parenting starts at a young age, follow through is the most important.. I have 3 teenagers and never once have I had to ground them nor have they raised their voices or yelled at me. They have always done as they have been asked. It's had for me to fathom a child acting out that way. I'm sorry you can't get the help that you need for your child.. I don't condone what you did however in desperate times people do odd things.

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if you would have watched the video you would of saw the turf, the field and the track..

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Loosers.. they need to be out for good.. what role models they are, they should be so proud of themselves...