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It me, too. I am deeply self-conscious about this even if friends occasionally claim to find it charming.

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He's so good! I am so close to finally finishing his novel A Grace of Kings. (It is SO LONG and dissertating hauled me out of all my fun reading, but I am mopping up on all my unfinished books now.)

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I don't have words for how sad this makes me. I mean I totally understand the reasoning here and I am wildly appreciative of the everything that is this site, but so sad.

Thank you for making such a fantastic thing for us to have participated in.

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I was just complaining to a friend about how I want a new Peter Wimsey series.

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omg I love Alison Wright. She took a character who seemed destined to be a pathetic, irritating sadsack and made her SO intensely human. (I mean, good writing, too, but she really elevated what was on the page in the early going, too.) I'm so impressed with what she did, I love that so many other people love her, too.

Also, I am dying of anxiety a little, the dissertation defense is in 2 1/4 hours and it has been a mad scramble of a morning getting that ONE LAST FORM signed and turned in.

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That is heartbreaking. My sympathy.

The family dog before the current one was diagnosed with kidney failure at the end of her life. Our vet's very sensible advice was that it was our call when to end things, but the dog was not in pain and if we could get her to eat, she could have anywhere from two days to two months left. (They also discussed other treatment options, but the dog was a 17 year old medium sized mutt, and my parents were not keen on making her suffer to prolong what had until then been a long, healthy, idyllic dog life.) My mom kept at it with feeding her, and then one day, she said, the switch just clearly flipped: the dog was in pain, she wet the floor and didn't try to get away from it, nothing tempted her appetite, she couldn't seem to find a comfortable position to lay in. And for my mom, that was the signal that it was time to take her in and have her put to sleep. Sometimes there are not many options or a hard and fast opinion; it's so personal. You know your dog, though. It sucks because you are on the hook for making the call, but you love her and you know her, and your sense of the situation will help you.

Much love to you and your pup.

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They are NOT bound. That is maybe a thing that could happen.

The burning might still happen at a later date, because a LOT of us have shit we want to set on fire, but I still want to do something celebratory on Monday night so it doesn't feel like total anti-climax.

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Also, ideas for a fun (but short) post-dissertation defense party? We were just going to have a big drunken burning of drafts but every person who has a firepit can't host for various reasons and so now I am sullenly kicking rocks and trying to figure out something fun and kicky that we can just do at my apartment instead (keeping in mind that I will be tired and not in a mood to do a ton of work to prep for it).

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Re: Jesus and Martha, when Lazarus dies, Martha DOES get her shining moment of beautifully professing her faith (AND speaking her mind!), and it's a lovely counterpart to the other Mary/Martha story.

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I think you can even say--because this is an issue for teens/tweens in the church sometimes--"If you think religion and feminism don't go together, Jesus shows us otherwise." and then launch into the excellent stuff other Toasties have brought up. It gets you around having to unpack the potentially tricky "Jesus/a man can be a feminist" thing while indirectly stating it.