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Cody needs a Wambulance !!!! I will be so glad when the entire Hawkins family is out of here. Do not not drink the Kool-aid anymore buff buff nation.

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Hello Die-Hard Buff fans. Last night I gave you inside information on how and why CU president Bruce Benson nixed the firing of the flim flam man hawkins. Tonight I am telling you that Bohn is mad as hell at hawkins about how hawkins went behind his back to talk to DiStefenoe and Benson while Bohn was in Maui. I have direct knowledge that Bohn is going to have hawkins fire at least 3 of his assistants after recruiting is over. Hawkins best friend in the coaching ranks at CU is ron collins and Bohn is going to have him fired just because he can and wants to tighten the noose around hawkins neck. Mark my words and write it down this will occur in less than 2 months time.Alfred Williams,Klatt,Shapiro,Lombardi,Barnett,Clough etc.... need to keep their pressure on hawkins and Benson and send the message that CU football is not irrelevant !!!!

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All die-hard buff fans the man we need to call and e-mail is CU president Bruce Benson. This is the 2nd time I have posted the most honest and inside info. possible. Mike Bohn was definetely going to fire hawkins but Benson nixed the plan because he is very worried what message this would send the state legislature and Governor when in a short time Benson will stand in front of these people and ask for funding. Benson is also worried about the financial cut-backs on his faculty. Bottom-line Benson is a career politician and geologist who only cares about image and he has no athletic background. Politicians only care about their next gallup poll and if enough big donors and regular fans send Benson the message ' We aren't going to live with the status quo and we aren't going away", then maybe he will listen. Betsy Hoffman succumbed to pressure. Trust me, hawkins knew he was about to get fired but got a reprieve because of money issues in a tight economy. Nobody is buying the flim flam mans new found gibberish !!!!!!

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Hawkins hasn't done a good job at anything. CU makes the same mistakes every game. CU has no offensive identity,it is like they are running through a scrimmage each game. I don't think hawkins has any technical knowledge of football because the only thing he can say is ' We need to clean things up'. He talks in complete gibberish maybe he's retarted. Even hawkins has to realize by now the only reason he will back next year is because there wasn't any real private money to buy him out. How is president Benson going to ask the state legislature for funding when they also have to pay that moron hawkins 3.5 million dollars out of tax payer money.If hawkins had any self dignity he would resign and use his arrogance to latch on somewhere else. Bottom line there were no big donors willing to bail this clown out in very difficult economic times. The flim flam man will return in 2010. I can't to read what VK writes !!!!

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Fire all the RETARDS including Benson,DiStefenoe,Bohn and hawkins !!!!! We have all been obamanized. At my kids school they can no longer give out ribbons on field day. We can't hurt the fat kids feelings. Winning is no longer important and everyone gets a ribbon for trying. Wow, it doesn't pay anymore to excel at anything or try to overachieve.16 wins and 33 losses (including nebraska) why not a pay raise also. I have been a season ticket holder since the 1980's but no longer !!!! If you support the flim flam man you are a complete moron. bye,bye

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Bohn, DiStefeno and woelk are all retards !!!!!! I know all three of you clowns personally and I will vent Friday when I see you. Dillweeds !!!! Hawkins is so arrogant or stupid that he is told not to say anything until the official announcement on Friday and bingo what does he do ? Bohn is the new official captain of the Titanic. I quit forever.

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Great article neill. Come on it is apparent that hawkins is a fake and he needs to go ASAP. Hawkins can go work at Rocky's auto on 64th and federal with the cop, the blonde,shagman and hawkins can be flim flam man. Seriously though, I hope bohn at least interviews calhoun from the Air Force Academy because that guy can teach option football and he seems to have many of the same qualities that coach MAC had. Remember our only national championship was by running the ball and look how Georgia Tech went back to that style football. bye,bye

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Way to much whining here. The record 16 wins and 32 losses speaks for itself. Hawkins needs to quit blaming others. Hawkins should have put on some headsets and called his offensive and defensive plays and taken ownership in his program. All great coaches rule their programs every single aspect. Don't start to feel sorry for the flim flam man (thanks VK) he can't coach !!! bye,bye

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Enough talk and excuses, just fire hawkins and lets get behind the new coach and program. I am praying the new coach goes back to running the football and developing a hard-nosed physical team. The only time CU has won a national championship was with a dominating ground game. Look at Georgia Techs return to prominence with the option. Football in many respects mirrors life with the pendulum swinging back and forth. It's time we went back to just beating people up again. Finesse is like negotiating with retards it doesn't work in the long run. Colorado football use to take such a physical toll on its opponents they usually lost their next game also !!!! We no longer need 6 foot 8 inch lineman who can't block -give me 6 foot 3 inch 290 lb. lineman that bench press 500 lbs.and look like road graders.Enough of trying to make these guys NFL lineman, I would settle for cage fighters !!!! bye,bye

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We are now considered irrelevant in football pretty much everywhere even in Stillwater, wow. If bohn doesn't hurry up and fire hawkins soon he is going to alienate even the long time die hard CU football supporters like myself. I promise I will not support hawkins another year and I have 4 season tickets in section 118,row 11. The people in our section have watched each others kids grow up together and have become like family but the majority of us will not renew our tickets unless there is a change in head coaches soon !!! We will always be CU football fans but we will not be duped any longer by a fake coach. Everyone knows hawkins is a nice guy but so was Madoff. bye,bye