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I have nothing coherent to say but I wanted my wild muppet flailing to become PART OF HISTORY LIKE THIS POST OMG.

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YES to Ginger Rogers, she is so much better in stuff like Stage Door than she is with creepy makeup settling in his wrinkles as he gurns at younger women Fred Astaire.

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What if you have really greasy eyelids and hooded eyes, a combo I call "The Racoonmaker"? Do you think you'd have to prime to get it to stay, or would it stay unsmudged anyway?

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That Courtney dress is GORGEOUS but I would need to find an actual working strapless bra for it, so... :(

Also, is this the right place to brag on/link to one of my best friends who is an indie feminist jewelry designer? Because she's donating 10% of the proceeds from her kick ass FUCK THE PATRIARCHY hoop earrings to Planned Parenthood

Bonus - she has stylized vagina and titty rings on her site http://www.thedriftdesigns.com/shop.html as well and they're so great!

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Yes! I saw that and was like whoa, is Kiernan Shipka one of the time traveling actors now?

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I got to be the one who hit the 76th thumbs up on this, and for that I thank you.

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I will be turning that first one into my Misandrist's Dinner Party Prayer. My guests will bow their heads and recite it or I will lead matins on their asses.

i hate god
i hate food
i hate everyone in this rom


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They could be like Marley and Marley, except terrible! You wouldn't even have to change the lyrics that much!

We're William and William
Entitlement and sloth!
We took advantage of our wives
Ignored the dusting cloth
We specialized in causing mess
Then lounging like a lout
And if you said to clean it up
We simply tuned you out

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Thank you! I didn't know either organization, so I just made a donation to SisterSong.

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Yeah, but the dog lives! I tend not to care as much about what happens to people in stories as long as the dog lives.