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Daniel, thanks for the thoughtful response regarding security. Good luck with the business and looking forward to the magical file/folder sync capabilities!

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I think being in reactive mode is sometimes the right thing to do. Once the cat is out of the bag you can't really put it back in, but there is power in naming it and moving forward. The big thing to watch for is when momentum continues to gain. If it's a small number of people with a pre-meditated agenda the momentum will not sustain itself and it is likely ok, even preferable to keep the ad up. Sustained momentum nearly always requires some sort of engagement. Not engaging in the community evokes the perception of uncaring.

A vocal community is indeed a baseline. A baseline is simply something to measure change against.

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but did you get the beer?!

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Brad, good post. Curious about what you think about the leaked Sequoia "RIP Goodtimes" deck posted this morning on Venture Beat http://venturebeat.com/2008/10/10/the-sequoia-rip... It certainly underscores the need for capital efficiency and certainly the web 2.0 business building recommendations in O'Reilly's Web 2.0 Strategy Guide. But from a VC perspective what is the overall impact?

Slide 44 titled, "New Realities" has the following bullets:

o $15M raise @ $100M post is gone
o series B/C will be smaller raises
o customer uptake will be slower
o cuts are a must
o need to become cash flow positive

I know you said in a previous post that your portfolio companies didn't vary on revenue expectations outside the norm for Q3, and may have had more companies that exceeded, It would be interesting to post a response from your perspective on the "RIP" post.

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I should have. Trying to get together with Aimee in NYC this week.

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yes, I'm sure you're right. I've been coming to NYC every couple of weeks for the last two years and haven't actually seen it though, so was interesting, coming from Boulder Colorado where our biggest "show of force" is home games at CU where the marching band parades through town on Friday before home football games...

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Living the dream! congrats socialthing and to the techstar vision of finding, promoting, and fostering new ideas and entrepreneurs

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c'mon let's be more specific. Yes I'm in NYC, but where?

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will do. It's been about a year since I've used, but jesus it was painful. I LOVE intense debate though :)