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PLEASE some more hardcore objective modes.... HQ would be wonderful, of course, but Demolition & DOmination would be nice too. How about a Hardcore Mosh Pit?

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Ok, thanks - I clicked through and couldn't seem to find the report. (Ooops, missed the report link in the comments).

I still think there's some further digging that's needed there. If this is related to the overall population of survey members and there are twice as many 55 yr olds in the survey, obviously their rate would be higher. And, in general, I would assume that baby boomer generation is higher than 20 yr olds today (without actually verifying that).

Without digging further (since I have abusiness to worry about and can't spend all my time on this!), I just get somewhat skeptical when I see non-absolute numbers in these things...

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Since it's not an absolute number, what does "rate of entrepreneurial activity" relate to? Does that meant hat 0.4% of all in a particular age bracket start new companies?

Isn't that number somewhat misleading since each group has a different baseline that the rate is attached to?

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The article mentioned Girl Talk. There is no legal distinction, really - technically speaking he's taking a risk. The argument he will make is under the Fair Use doctrine - the same argument shot down in Bridgeport.

"Some majors do appear to be embracing unauthorized sampling. Take Gregg Gillis (a.k.a. Girl Talk), whose latest album, Feed the animals, contains more than 300 uncleared samples. "We've had no issues on a copyright level so far," says Gillis, who began selling his album in June as a pay-what-you-wish download. "People from major labels have been interested in having me collaborate [on remixes]. I think they're starting to realize, 'Why fight when we can work with it and make something cool?' "

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Don't get me wrong: I definitely think IW is the MUCH better studio. The only reason the Treyarch games are any good at all is that they're based on the kick-ass engines that the team at IW does. I know a number of the IW guys personally and play with them a lot.

And maybe it's because they don't bring as much on the engine/core stuff, but Treyarch just seems to do a better job at content and listening to feedback. That's really my only criticism of IW...

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I take it that you didn't have COD2 when we waited many, many months for a patch to fix the lag issues? The game was almost unplayable before that was eventually sorted out.

Admittedly IW released the most map packs with COD2, but the game had a longer shelf life between installments (not to mention the problems with getting played in the first place and the 360 was a young unproven platform). I suspect COD3 would have had more (it had it sooner, I believe) if they weren't on a 1 yr release schedule by that point.

I am not nearly as big of a fan of Treyarch, but they definitely do a better job of supporting and engaging the community. Many of the biggest complaints from COD4 were already fixed in WAW (which would have been a relatively simple patch and/or playlist changes that were already available). Almost every glitch in WAW (and there have been MANY!) are fixed in relatively short order, while there has never been a COD4 patch to fix any of the glitches.

My biggest issue with the playlists all along has been that THIS STUFF WAS ALREADY POSSIBLE WITH THE GAME... but we weren't empowered to create public rooms for it. Creating new maps is not an insignificant effort, and I can understand if resources were reallocated.... but Hardcore HQ is a mode that was already available in the game with a simple playlist update but could only be played in a private match. It was promised SEVEN months ago and NOW we're getting it?

Come on, I'm the biggest fan of IW there is but it's a little silly to defend them on this one...

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You know, Rob, I know you guys are probably plenty sick of the game by the time it hits us - but I wonder if this is part of the problem.

I would venture most of us fans have put in MANY more hours playing this over the life of the game than the IQ team (especially beyond early testing phases). Most hardcore players were level 10 prestige after a month or so... it really wasn't hard. I got 3 of my 5 my golden guns a little after that - and this is even with creating other accounts in the meantime and going through my whole "using nothing but a knife on HQ" streak.

For COD:MW2, maybe you guys should consider setting up official "community team members" who can help bring issues to light, be a voice for the community, and come up with creative ways to keep things interesting longer?

E.g., two suggestions that come to mind, that many of us have suggested for a long time: 1) the aforementioned public unranked matches (or maybe certain criteria for reduced points) or 2) the RB6-style Elite # ranks (not just the gold cross but a number on top of that even if it wasn't "prestiging").

...Or even the inclusion of the map editor to release some of the amazing community maps out there!

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Most of us have been for a long time :) Maybe if Rob and the others played it as much as we have, they would realize how tired we are with no new ranks, guns, golden guns, etc. I mean couldn;'t we at least get something in place like the Rainbow Six Elite XX level stuff?

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Hardcore HQ? Now? Really? What happened the last 6 months? Is it going to stay there permanently or just for the DOuble XP weekend?

Most of the people I know/played with have moved on. Many of us have been Level 10 Prestige for a year now! The game can be terribly boring when you're already a level 10 prestige with all the golden weapons.

World at War is not as good, IMO, but at least it's new content and new maps. Treyarch makes buggy games and is not nearly as good even when leveraging your engines, but they seem to do a much better job of supporting their games with new content and making changes based on user input.

Without new maps, guns and so on, I'm not sure it will be enough to drag me back especially since I can always play Hardcore War on COD:WAW.

Can we at least request that Hardcore HQ (and/or other new HC modes) be there in the default MW2 playlists? Hardcore is the only way to play this game! Hardcore Team Tactical would be KILLER.

On that note, it would be great to support public unranked games (whether they count or not) - because then at least the community can make these modes which are otherwise supported by the game out of the box!

That said, if anyone wants to play (COD:WAW or COD4) then hit me up - my gamertag is corpcow.

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Any update on the new playlists? I mean... geez... it's been how many months now?

It sure would be great to have a fresh alternative to a buggy, buggy World at War. (I think you can get under like 30% of the maps now).