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Yeah, I have been. It feels really good and really odd :-). I might need to change my blog's description from "web development and other interests" to "a mish-mosh of stuff."

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Yup :-). Public Enemy is from Hempstead (my hometown) and Roosevelt if I'm not mistaken. Leaders of the New School and Busta Rhymes are from Uniondale (and went to my high school). Rakim is from Wyandanch. De La Soul is from Amityville. EPMD is from Brentwood. And yes, Keith "Most Beautifulest Thing" Murray.

Oh, and I wouldn't be a proper Strong Islander if I didn't mention WBAU, the Adelphi University college station that broke about a half-dozen hip-hop acts.

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My solution was to realize when I had reached the point of diminishing returns: where the level of productivity decreased with each hour. When I reach that point, I take a break and do something away from the keyboard. Even if I think of a fix for my coding issue, I don't go to the keyboard, I write it out and make a note to apply it tomorrow.

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I agree Justin. Stone mentions in her HuffPo piece that this is common to computer users generally, but is especially apparent when checking e-mail.

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girl do it! it's a fun one, i think.

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Therapy is a good start, methinks. It can give you some distance and help you learn to see things from a new perspective.

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Thanks for restating what iBSpoof, manafta, and Ben all said above. White space errors are not CodeIgniter specific. PHP will display a "Cannot send header" error.

"Disallowed Key Character," however, IS the specific language CodeIgniter uses. That, in my opinion isn't as clear or familiar as the PHP error and can trip up users new to both. That's what this post is addressing.

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Just from reading that piece, I suspect Chris Wilson's criticism is coming from a non-technical, writer/editor user of Drupal instead of a technical developer, or end user of a Drupal-run site. Some of his criticisms just don't hold water when compared to other software, whether open or closed source.

Details about the set up are slim, but General Dynamics Information Technology, Acquia and Phase2 were involved.

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Thanks for this Jen. Cultivating gratitude is one of the cheesily-named "happiness activities" Sonja Lyubormirsky suggests in "The How of Happiness." She also suggests keeping a gratitude journal. Her book is really good because it gives you an action plan. I am not sure journaling will work for me. I tend to add "... but it sucks because..." to everything. But I am trying to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, even though everything feels like a double-edged sword.

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thanks for the love and comments y'all. i am finally figuring out what to do in a way that is easy for me to maintain.