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I've been preparing for revolutionary war and the break up of the 48 states since moving into the middle of nowhere, the Four Corners / Cortez CO in 2001 to work with Navajo weavers. This is basically a family farm and ranch community with tourist and energy industry filling out the 3 main sources of income around here. The revolution will not between political parties like so many are proposing since they aren't far apart anymore even though the ignorant American populace seems to think so. No, the revolution is being caused by income / wealth distribution, or lack of it. It'll be between rich and poor, powerful / wealthy vs the victimized population with no justice anymore for the criminals destroying our lives and businesses.
As starvation and many deaths add up from exposure / freezing / homelessness, then the revolt begins because then we have nothing to lose by dying as we're already dying. This is when it dissolves and concludes with the break up at last, long overdue.

I suggest reading the following non-fiction book that concludes the revolution with the disintegration of the union:

Fun to read is Greer's fiction account of the coming revolution published in 2015: "Twilight's Last Gleaming". Hard to put down once started.

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Wrote in Bernie, otherwise last time I'll "vote". Waiting instead for the coming trigger to start the revolution which will result in the final solution: break up of the USA into several new nations, only acceptable result of the collapse for me, to solve the problem of the constant Crimes Against Humanity waged worldwide by America. As it stands now, the entire American society now is based the lies and b.s. of the plandemic. The destruction of the nation by the government was well underway even before this cold bug b.s..

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Please note: most of us know that the 220,000 dead is a b.s. fiction. The CDC just corrected that number for actual covid deaths to about 6% of it, or 9200. fyi, important to keep yourself informed. This is the case worldwide: all lies, deceit and False Positive test results.

Nothing is happening in reality as covid is a routine seasonal cold virus and not dangerous except to old folks already weakened by age / heallth problems.

Watch and listen to how the Corona Investigatory Committee in Germany, formed in July for this purpose, is now filing indictments for Crimes Against Humanity in a Class Action Lawsuit certain to be the largest one ever filed, to arrest and imprison for life such mass murderers and criminals as Fauci and Gates, the entire Davos Switzerland crowd of genocidal maniacs, and countless Americans including the Gov. of CO Polis who ordered lock downs and muzzles to assault all Colorado citizens,
Inform yourself, this is the most important development to help we the people worldwide since it is established with law and medical institutions worldwide:

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At least 13 congress members, including Schumer, hold dual American / Israeli citizenship. That is not acceptable. These traitors have to be taken out of the American government in congress and administration. Their presence means Israel is also a member of the USA's congress.

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Russia, China and India have barred Gates from ever entering their countries again. That is due to Gates' vaccination Crimes Against Humanity in India where his vaccines have paralyzed over 450,000 babies and children so far. India has sued Gates for these crimes. And Fauci is as evil as Gates, investing in developing the covid-19 cold virus in Wuhan after the project was terminated in the USA, among his many greed and arrogance crimes. People like us who are informing ourselves with honest online news sites like this one know this but most Americans remain clueless, by choice apparently. Such is the caliber of citizen in the USA.

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I was a clinical chemist for 20 years, working worldwide for various chemical companies like Bayer AG. I was project manager for immuno-based blood chemistry R&D throughout Europe, UK and Israel. I've read everything about this so-called pandemic b.s. Basically this is only a bad cold. It is a cold virus. No flu vaccine will be effective, or worse: safe. Most of us would not suffer at all when infected, and hopefully most of us are by now. All this reporting of "infections" is hype because we have infection by many pathogens, all of which we develop immunity for. It's just they are hyping this one to take control and ruin our lives and businesses. I closed my business end of 12/31/19 as this country USA had already collapsed economically for millions of us. They've only made it more extreme and hidden their crimes and malfeasance. Be certain you understand your government USA is trying to kill most USA citizens. The goal is 70% reduction in population in the USA from 330 million to 100 million by 2025. Right now this is well-underway in our USA's healthcare system. It has become a genocidal system wrt covid-19. This is why the Deep State has Medicare paying hospitals $39,000 to use ventilators on their covid-19 patients. These ventilators are not recommended to be used with covid-19 or any lung infection. They kill more than save patients. So this is why they are recommended for use, although the purported reason is a lie: they are a benefit. This and other strategies are presently underway to get rid of a lot of useless humans in the USA. Prepare yourself acccordingly.

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The Bush family ran the security for the Twin Towers. They enabled the CIA to plant all those demolition charges in them as well as Bldg. 7, and that was some Bush family member who was not dumdum dubya.

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Thanks for all the details. Probably a million patriotic Americans who were not so cowardly as to refuse the lies and find out for ourselves already knew Mossad and the CIA preformed the 9/11 atrocity. This was a baby-sized operation against America compared to the covid-19 atrocity levied upon all of us now.

This is the famous "Solving 9/11" documentary by Christopher Bollyn that names all the Mossad agents involved from planning to executing the plan:

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Considering the fact that we have 2 world class criminals running for president, I've given up and will never again vote, beginning this election.\

I will however gladly participate again once the revolution starts and Washington DC / Langley VA / Pentagon / Eccles Bldg. are finally burned down forever and the nation is finally Balkanized into several new countries,. That is the only acceptable future for me, forever permanently demolishing the most evil power ever existent upon our beautiful planet.

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Two good books about the coming revolution that will demolish the USA as the rogue lawless nation it is and break it up into several smaller new ones: "CIVIL WAR TWO THE COMING BREAKUP OF AMERICA": https://www.amazon.com/CIVIL-WAR-COMING-BREAKUP-A....

The title is misleading as it describes the revolution and break up into new nations. Greer's 2015 book "Twilight's last Gleaming" also describes the revolution and break up into new nations.