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I did that and was giving me the error 1671. I removed the host file and it finally worked! I was afraid the phone would be slow because of the ios 9.3.5. But so far I don;t notice any difference in performance!

Thank you

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Hi there

Iphone 4s ios 7.1.2 jailbroken with pangu. My girlfriend got a new phone, and erased everything to give the phone to her father...long story short. Iphone is in the wheel of death loop. Sometimes , it goes into the phone...the erase via icloud didn't work becasue all the photos are there.

I tried to update and itunes is throwing error 1671. I tried to restore the phone to ios 71.2 via ipsw package. and it says the server is not signing this ios anymore.

Any help please?

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Indeed I have no idea either. I had to go back to 5.1.1 because I got stuck on the process : error 1, error 14, error 11 were thrown by itunes. At the end , what worked was update to ios 7.1.2 OTA. When I check the about = ios 7.1.2 (11D257) and firmware(02.10.4 same I had with ios 5.1.1). I know If I want to go back to ios 5.1.1 I could do it using Redsn0w. I read somewhere the one bar signal is due to updating ios but not the baseband. But every time I try to do a restore using itunes ( mac or PC) directly to apple or with the shift/alt key method , I fail with error 1 ...and I had to go back to 5.1.1 via redsn0w

Speaking of Tinyumbrela, I know for sure I used to save the blobs files with either cydia or tinyumbrela, but when I connect iphone to tiny umbrella all te files showing say type( erased)...what does it mean?

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Sorry I didn't want to sounded that way. My apologies. After everything, I successfully upgraded ios to 7.1.2 . The upgrade kept the old baseband I had with ios 5.1.1 , which is 2.10.4 ... Is that ok?

The phone is working fine, the only thing i see is the signal bar is always one ( or -113 dBM using strength field tester) , no matter what. I noticed , during the back and forth , I had to go back to ios 5.1.1 the signal bar issue was there too.

Again , I am sorry.

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hello? :(

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Update 2: I finally updated to ios 7.1.2 , Interesting thing is the BaseBand remained the same. How is that possible? After upgrading to ios 7.1.2 . I have one one dot for signal strength ...any tweaks to fix this?

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Update: I tried back and forth with mac and windows, it always gives the same error at the same time . It gives the message: unknown error occurred ( 1 ) , at around 66 % of the horizontal bar below the apple logo in the iphone , during the process "restoring iphone firmware".. Thanks to Redsn0w I could restore back to ios 5.1.1 with no problem. So I assume it cannot be a hardware problem ...I am staying put at this ios , waiting for advice here. Thanks in advance .

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Any other way I could restore/update phone without using itunes?

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itunes , on a mac os x yosemite version 11.11.5 . I tapped on Settings/software update/ Wonload and install ios 7.1.2 Iphone went into recovery mode. I plugged in into the mac and itunes started the downloading /installing and iTunes throws error 1. I disabled all security softwares, etc.

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I am doing this and Iphone is stuck on recovery mode ( the image of itunes icon +usb cable looks different now)...and I am getting error 1 , I have tried twice, same error .