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The illegals have more rights than the citizens. Incredible. Don't try this in mexico.

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Why do republicans go on these left wing shows, that noone watches.

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You must remember to get the advertised electric milage, the volt has to be driven on a warm day (the warmer the better). You can't have any extra weight so no bags, groceries people (ect, remember it is a FOUR seater). Under no cercumstance should it be driven up hill, the extra drain causes the batteries to work harder it depletes the charge faster. So, you have to drive the volt on sunny days, by yourself and down hill with a tailwind only. Enjoy.

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I thought the whole thing was the error. But it was funny.

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al, what can I say about al but this time he is right. There are no gov't programs that help the poor, there are plenty of gov't programs for the poor. The real pupose of these programs are to keep the poor, poor. So they don't stray off the poverty reservation and don't pull the lever for anyone other than a democrat. al wants the poor to stay in those programs, the cherry on top, what makes it really worth it for the al and the democrats is when the poor child who knows nothing of personal responsibility, only of gov't handouts. When that child gets her very first gov't paid for abortion, that is completiing the cirle of life for the al and the boys.

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Mush mouth strikes again. The first mistake is to call sharpton 'rev al' my dog is more of a reverand than that idiot. After obama loses, the real question for msnbc is how fast does msnbc flush the corn eyed turd that is sharpton. What is his income anyway, since he is so worried about everyone else's.

I know he is a disgrace, but he is so bad that he is also a guilty pleasure to watch on Brietbart ( not so much that I would watch msnbc). If sharpton is a reverand then there is no God.

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Brewer for the most part does well for AZ. Some of the things she backs, I don't know what she is thinking. Now with that out of the way. Love the way she stuck that boney finger into that blow hard. Obama has to be in full damage control, his lackies (abc,nbc,cbs,msnbc,cnn,pbs) will do their best to discredit Brewer, then drop the story all together.

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Panetta is a lacky/tool who will fit into any government job slot he is placed in doesn't matter if he is not qualified or does't have the background in that field. Even though there is a possibility of people dying I have yet to see Panetta resign. Why bother with weak statement, say what you mean Leon. Quit trying to give yourself an 'out' in case things go bad, you can say I tried to warn you. Weak, and this counts as leadership.

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ron madcow is a nobody and no matter how the lame stream media tries to insert them into our everyday lives, madcow will always be a nobody. A Phd. in politics (yawn) sounds like madcow is qualified to be a greeter at wal-mart.

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She is referencing a 55 year old photo, hell why not reference the cave drawings in France from 10,000 years ago. There is no rebuttel from the commie-tator. Incredible, had there been more time she would have stated how Brewer's finger resembles a weapon from 1957 and she has it pointed in the direction of the president and the Kennedy flashback would have been on the way.